Monday, December 22, 2014

Words of Wisdom for Monday

A small lake up in Hsinshe.

My father in law, 85 years old. Has been falling down in the bathroom lately, but he is an indomitable soul, and despite two broken ribs from this latest episode, went out to the park to work out. He comes back, exhausted, and wants to go to the market with my mother in law. He gets halfway and says he can't walk. "Why don't you use a cane?" she suggests, in her exasperated wife-of-many-years voice. "Because then everyone will think I'm old," he replies.

Great comment on the post below about Chu's house being renovated by the Culture Bureau.
Thanks for sharing. This house mini-scandal is going to haunt Chu because (1) it's so easy to explain to the average person (2) it'll be brought up by everyone in New Taipei who tries to save a historic site from KMT developmentalism (3) as a nascent project it's sure to come back if there's a cost overrun or an attempt to initiate phase 2, and most importantly (4) the KMT's now invited DPP bureaucrats and Taoyuan journalists to go on an Easter Egg hunt through Chu's Taoyuan record.

Running unopposed for chair, by the way, may be a curse in disguise because it leaves Chu unable to score a clear victory over political opponents the way Ma beat the 主流派 by besting Wang Jin-pyng for chair. Instead they'll be lying in wait to muck things up for him later.
Speaking of Chu, AFP reports that Chu, running unopposed for the KMT Chairmanship, will continue the KMT's China policy, even though that policy appears to have cost it in the local elections. As I said before, the "reform" is going to be limited to the party core reasserting control over, and binding itself more tightly to, its local networks. Reform of its pro-China mindset, its privileged access to resources (like Cultural Bureau funds to renovate ancestral homes), and its culture of top-down authoritarian control isn't going to happen.
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Anonymous said...

MT, did you catch this one a few days ago?

Winery under investigation

A winery in Taoyuan County’s Yangmei Township (楊梅) is under investigation for allegedly selling Australian red wine diluted with a locally made version to distributors and supermarkets. The Taoyuan District Prosecutors’ Office on Thursday said that Universal Distiller Product Co had allegedly sold various kinds of red wine, labeled as imported, to distributors that included hypermarkets and convenience store chains. At least some of the wine was not entirely imported, but had had been mixed with cheaper local wine, prosecutors said, adding that the winery had sold more than 100,000 bottles of diluted red wine over the past year. They said the company allegedly made a profit of almost NT$10 million from sales of the suspect wine.

TT link

-Say goodbye to Australian wine sales in Taiwan for awhile.

Anonymous said...

oops, wrong link: