Sunday, December 21, 2014

Then and Now: Anping and Yangmingshan

The top image of Sekkan Fortress (Anping Fort) I got from the East Asian Image Collection at Lafayette, in their collection of Taiwan Photographic Monthly imagery. The shot of the ruined fortress in the upper right inset is taken from the land side. In the main image, shot from the harbor, you can see that the fort has been restored, with the small white building still there and housing the small museum, but without the silly observation tower. The modern harbor is below, same angle but much farther away. The area behind the fortress is now developed, of course, and a major tourism disaster.

A reader sent me these two shots, the top from 1931, the bottom from 2012, of a building on Yangmingshan. Which building?
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Mark S. said...

That's a teacher-training center, the Taipei jiàoshī yánxí zhōngxīn (臺北市教師研習中心).

It's here.