Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic flag success

Some good progress on international issues made these Olympic games by Taiwanese the world over. First, the stream of complaints led the London Olympic games committee to reverse its decision on representations of the ROC flag....

Hsu Mien-sheng (εΎε‹‰η”Ÿ), the director-general of the ministry’s Department of European Affairs, described the move as a “gesture of goodwill” extended to Taiwan after an ROC flag was removed from an array of 206 national colors, representing the nations competing in the Olympic Games, in a London street. The display was organized by the Regent Street Association.

The Taipei Representative Office in the UK had reached an understanding with the LOCOG that Olympic-venue security staff would allow spectators to dress in the colors of the ROC flag, paint the ROC flag on their faces, or bring small ROC flags with them to the venues, Hsu said.


The association was “overloaded” with telephone complaints and e-mails from UK politicians, ordinary British citizens and people from other countries about the replacement of the ROC flag in the display, Hsu said.

Some members of the UK parliament also sent letters to the association to express their disapproval and demand a remedy, Hsu added.
Can't wait until some low-level Chinese athlete stages an over-the-top protest. Another change widespread this time around is that the sports media is using the ROC flag to represent "Chinese Taipei" and often using "Taiwan" as well when they list medal counts. Good work, folks.
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MJ Klein said...

people are just plain tired of China's crap.

Jade said...

It would be nice if we can see some pictures that indeed show people are waving Taiwan flag. I am sick of China's bullying the world but even sicker of the world kow-towing to China.

Anonymous said...

But the sad part is in Taiwan, many medias still use the word chinese Taipei. Not only it is confusing, it is misleading too. It shows how Taiwanese lack of identity even though Taiwanese are supposed to have a much stronger self identity due to political reason from both domestic (kmt)and foreign (china).

Anonymous said...

>>But the sad part is in Taiwan, many medias still use the word chinese Taipei. <<

Most mass media are financed directly or indirectly by the Chinese government or owned by CPP's Taiwan Branch, aka KMT.

Taiwan still has a very long battle to fight. Just because there are political elections, does it not mean that all's well in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Soon, all of taiwans media will be controlled by Taiwanese sell-out megacorp WantWant. They will buy all the new operations and filter Taiwan news at the behest of Beijing. Evil. Pure evil

Anonymous said...

The WantWant Group does not have the money to burn on those mass media outlets it has acquired.

The money-losing, insolvent China Times that it has acquired burns over NT$ 10 Millions every single day. China Times is still bleeding heavily after the acquisition.

Selling rice crackers does not give WantWant the kind of money to burn.

It is the Chinese government that uses WantWant to channel money to Taiwan to acquire and control Taiwan's mass media outlets.

Without the Chinese government holding the balls of KMT and Ma Ying-Jeou, WantWant has no way of leading the nose of the Ma regime to spite the public pressure and fast-track to approve recently the application of WantWant, a competitor of the KMT media group, for the acquisition of more mass media outlets and cable networks.