Sunday, August 05, 2012

GOOD NEWS: Scientist Shieh found not guilty.

Corn knocked down by Soala.

Longtime readers will remember this case. First a bit of background from one of the Taipei Times pieces today:
Ten defendants, including Shieh and Hsu Hung-chang (許鴻章), owner of Sheus Technologies Corp — also known as Hung Hua Engineering — were indicted in December 2006 on corruption charges after Sheus won an NT$8.05 billion (US$262 million) construction tender to reduce the vibrations caused by the high-speed rail as it passes through the Southern Taiwan Science Park.

High-tech companies with operations in the park, such as chip manufacturers, are affected by vibrations above 48 decibels.

The Tainan District Court found Shieh not guilty in August 2008, and after Tainan prosecutors appealed the ruling with the High Court’s Tainan branch, the branch again acquitted Shieh in June of 2010.

Prosecutors then appealed the case with the Supreme Court, and the top judicial authority ordered the High Court’s Tainan branch to retry the case. On July 11, the Tainan branch found Shieh not guilty for a second time. This time, prosecutors said they would not appeal the case, therefore the verdict finding Shieh innocent is final.
Shieh's remarks from an interview in the Liberty Times summarized in the Taipei Times:
Shieh said he was thankful to all the family members and friends that had cared for and encouraged him while he had been imprisoned, adding that “in comparison to the people jailed for decades over the Kaohsiung Incident or former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), who is still behind bars, I’m pretty lucky.”

Born in Cigu District (七股), Greater Tainan, the 70 year-old Shieh received his PhD in aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan and had worked at the Rockwell Automation as a guidance and control analyst prior to his return to Taiwan.

After his return, Shieh became the nation’s main promoter of aerospace technology, presiding over the launch division when the Formosat-I satellite — formerly known as ROCSAT-1 — was launched in 1999 by Lockheed-Martin at Cape Canaveral Air Base, and was also on the planning committee for Formosat-3.
This appears to be most contemptible cases brought in the wave of prosecution cases against DPPers for "corruption." Not only was Shieh an important figure in Taiwan's technology world, he was blacklisted for many years and could not return to Taiwan (old post). To really get the flavor of how appalling the case was, this old post at Taiwan Matters should be consulted.
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