Tuesday, August 28, 2012

EPA Minister's Proposal Makes International Headlines

Diners in Changhua City.

Taiwan made headlines around the world again this week for President Ma's proposal on the islands dispute bike industry increasing shipments typhoon Tembin returning to smack us again EPA Minister Shen's proposal that men sit when they pee to preserve cleanliness in public restrooms. My own experience with public restrooms all over Asia has convinced me that Taiwan does extremely well in this regard. Considering that the EPA is pretty much useless for protecting the environment (for example and this beaut as well), at least it is something about the environment.... so much going on in Taiwan, but this appears in the international news....
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Anonymous said...

Of course, the affairs around Lin Yi-shih and Wu Tun-yi and the public debt building speed of the Ma regime are less important than how men pee in Taiwan. Thus, my two cents:

1. Pissoirs require much less water to flush than seating toilet. Water is increasingly becoming a rare natural resource. Many economists forecast that men will fight wars for fresh water in the coming decades. You don't want to flush a bunch of "blue gold" for each pee.

2. Skin contact with toilette seats increases chances of catching disease causing germs (albeit generally demented as low risk; still, it's a risk.)

3. Some toilette seats are so shallowly designed that when a man sits down his "younger brother" falls "head-on" to contact the toilette wall; in addition to the discomfort and the risk of "stunning" the "urination lust" (particularly in winter), it also increases the chance of catching something, particularly when the public bathroom is not well maintained, a common phenomenon throughout the world.

4. Seating requires the "full disclosure" of your royal behind, an unnecessary extra work and waste of time. As well, it's a great discomfort in winter time (think about the moment when your warm flesh touches the ice-cold seat.)

==> My vote = No.

Standing position is the result of natural evolution. It is meant for men to pee-and-run. So shall it remain.

Ryan said...

Couldn't the EPA be addressing literally anything else?

Anonymous said...

As the old sayin' goes: you know you've been in Taiwan too long when the footprints on the toilet seat are your own.