Friday, August 21, 2009

Help! AIT is Rogering Our Women!

The tabloid Apple Daily ran a couple of stories today on -- wait for it -- an alleged AIT guy who had sex with a local girl (story). Imagine it -- two consenting adults boinking in the privacy of his place. That just never happens in Taiwan, and is certainly news when it does.

The sordid story is quickly told. According to the article, which consists entirely of her side, he picked her up on, which as insiders know, is a great place to find Taiwanese femmes who want to have sex with foreigners. They met a couple of times, boinked once at his place, then she asked the guard at the building where the man's apartment is about the guy, and the guard said he worked for AIT and was always bringing home girls. She hid out, busted him with another femme, and a fight in the street ensued. He also took naked pictures of her, which she wants back. The article discusses how he was identified as working at AIT though -- how convenient for all involved -- he isn't in Taiwan.

Note to pick up line collectors, dude has classic, according to our tattler: 我要愛妳,想要與妳做愛...因為我們都經歷地震瀕臨死亡,我不想浪費任何一天。 "Let's make love -- we both came close to death in an earthquake, and I don't want to waste another day." One wonders how anyone who would fall for a line like that could get into Political U.

Fun with the media: note the report detail -- NT$150K a month in rent, it breathlessly says, thus stimulating both our class resentment and our salacious instincts. A twofer!

What's going on? Long experience in Taiwan says that when locals want to take down The Foreigner, an appeal to the trope They're Rogering Our Women! is a common method. Some of you might remember the tale from June of 2007, when a West Point cadet was apparently set up by a woman who felt "uncomfortable" after sex, and decided that notifying a UDN reporter was a good way to discharge her ill feeling. That occurred after some positive news about the first Taiwanese woman to graduate from West Point hit the media. Quick! They're Rogering Our Women!

Similar situation here, my paranoid suspicious side says. A glance at the news shows that the US has been in the news in a positive light -- our aircraft are here delivering aid to the locals. Lookin' spiffy and doin' the right thing, garnering praise and positive views for the US. Can't have that! This time it is Apple Daily with the negative news about the US to counterbalance the good news, whose subtext says: They're Rogering Our Women! Oversexed and over here, those Americans.

To drive home the point that They're Rogering Our Women! and it is a bad thing, Apple Daily offers its -- "readers" is too elevated a word -- customers an in-depth analysis by an "expert" of how the sense of inferiority among Taiwanese women drives them into the arms of foreigners. And the special bonus insight of one "Kelly" who says 90% of the foreigners here are losers -- although the losingness of foreigners hasn't prevented her from adopting a foreign name. Sense of inferiority? You make the call, but unless you have an urgent need to throw up silently in your mouth, I'd skip the analysis.
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Mark said...

There are so many other stereotypes that the majority of Taiwanese offer up about foreigners here... of course, none of them apply to themselves!

Anonymous said...

Remember how the blues decided to embarrass the Chen administration by dragging out a masked woman who claimed the Paraguayan vice-representative had given her herpes? The woman was flanked by PFP reps and then, after issuing a public accusation, she disappeared. The rep was later tested and was found to be clean.

This tactic is probably being used on purpose to alienate the United States in the continued shift toward China. It is part of a greater strategy.

I wonder why they don't report all the cases of a Chinese citizen giving STDs to Taiwanese men.

Anonymous said...

Seems more like an advertisement for a dating website.

Tommy said...

You say she fell for a line, he boinked her once, and she then found out he was a douchebag?

Nope, can't say I have heard that before.

Dixteel said...

The only thing I can think of is: damn, how come me, dixteel, never score that easily with any woman? :-o

hum...yes...joke aside, I am not sure if this is a concern, but the Ma gov and pan blue media seem to be promoting marriage between Taiwanese and Chinese (he even attend that wedding of his friend and a Chinese wife when the south is flooding). I certainly hope that is not going to become a security issue in the long run.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the apple daily is the kind of smutty little paper that would print stories like this every day, without any deeper motives, besides making a quick buck out of it.

Ben Goren said...

Rofl. Lovely post Mike. Certainly made me smile / wince. I will ask my EVA for her comments on this (non)story.

I also love the fact that the security guard thought it necessary to let the lady know details about the man's private life. Apparently, the security guard position comes with another role 'Morality Police'. Its an easy job - all you do is watch what people come and go and then jump to hasty conclusions about their private lives. But then, I've found that simply being a foreign male, it is assumed that you will:

a) have a shed load of Taiwanese girlfriends who you callously rotate

b) love to get drunk

c) know nothing about Taiwan and can barely speak the language

d) ride your scooter dangerously

e) be excessively rich

f) be an economic migrant who has no real understanding of nor affection for Taiwan / China


Anonymous said...

The term "loser" can be applied to just about everyone except a tiny percentage of super-celebrities.

Okay, so Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama aren't losers.

But, say ... America's V.P.? That boring guy? The vice-presidency ain't worth a pitcher of warm spit. So the USA VP is a loser.

Likewise, Bill Gates gets the name recognition, but Steve Ballmer has to dance like a monkey at the developer conventions. Steve Ballmer is a loser.

Andy Grove is feared, but Carly Fiorna is merely pitied. Carly Fiorna is a loser.

Brad Pitt? Not a loser yet. John Travolta? Loser, despite his brief Pulp Fiction glimmer.

So, yes, 99% of the human race are losers. I imagine at least 99% of waiguoren in Taiwan also match the description.

Anonymous said...

You forgot:

g) Is a Jesus-tard who thinks you have all the answers to fix a culture you don't understand to make them more like you want them to be.

StefanMuc said...

Why isn't the AIT complaining? Sure it's free press, but shouldn't they make some noise in response? It seems part of the diplomatic ritual in other countries - issue a "formal complaint" or something. While it doesn't have an immediate effect, it would in turn be something other media outlets report on, and that can have a small measure of influence on people's thinking.

Antonio Liao said...

shame on me, i'm also think it's an advertisment of on line dating website.

Sometimes we really can't jude a man or woman on their personal behavior, she is very simple or not.

Most girls even rap, not going out to said that. Maybe he took out his name card to get this girl. We really can't know who is been using...

Taiwan Echo said...

Dixteel said...

The only thing I can think of is: damn, how come me, dixteel, never score that easily with any woman? :-o

lol, man, need to get more famous and more influential.

Taiwan Echo said...

Arthur said:
I also love the fact that the security guard thought it necessary to let the lady know details about the man's private life. Apparently, the security guard position comes with another role 'Morality Police'. Its an easy job - all you do is watch what people come and go and then jump to hasty conclusions about their private lives.

What you said is what I hate most about living in a Chinese-based society. People there often earn a compliment of full-hearted from westerners. I often scratch my head. They will tell you what you should have done, that they say so for you to be a better person or to have a better life, because they care for you so much. They sincerely believe that to judge your private life is a kind offer from heart and they are doing a charity to rescue you. They never realize that what matters to them more is what they want (like, if they wishes are carried out by you and completed by you) but not how you feel.

The entire society is built based on this mentality, forming a network of privacy-invading forces that could pressure you out of breath. In my opinion, that's the main reason that developing a rational independent thinking is so so difficult in Taiwan. Whoever determines to have the independent thinking would feel like playing enemy against the view of entire society.

This situation might be hard for white people to grasp. Built subconsciously, white people are supposed more superior than locals. People don't tell their superior what to do. If you start hearing some words saying what's wrong in your private life, it probably signifies that in their eyes you have lost the status of superiority.

Anonymous said...

Americans perpetuated similar gross stereotypes throughout much of the early 20th century. For example, earlier Hollywood films often portrayed slimy Chinese males as lusting after virginal lily-white damsels, and 'oriental' women as conniving and deceitful vamps.

Readin said...

a) have a shed load of Taiwanese girlfriends who you callously rotate

b) love to get drunk

c) know nothing about Taiwan and can barely speak the language

d) ride your scooter dangerously

e) be excessively rich

f) be an economic migrant who has no real understanding of nor affection for Taiwan / China

Yeah yeah, guilty as charged. When lived in Taiwan, though I hate to admit it, I did ride my scooter dangerously. And I could barely speak the language. As for the others well, they didn't apply - except for maybe being excessively rich. After I got over my starvation period (lost 30 pounds in 2 months because I couldn't afford to eat), I was accused by my coworkers of having too much money because I spent NT$35 on a red pen when other perfectly good alternatives were available for NT$10!

Readin said...

"There rogering our women" is really cross-cultural and not just a Taiwanese thing. Remember Blazing Saddles where the black sheriff gets the KKK guys to attack by asking "Where are the white women?" I'm sure minimal effort could turn up plenty of other examples in many cultures throughout history.

Anonymous said...

By having this article published, I think the woman has practically guaranteed that Mr. AIT will start posting those naked pictures he took. Both parties can play the revenge game.

FormosaSavage said...

LOL! Just another instance of the pervasive racism in Taiwanese society. Don't take our women! Wait, you foreigners can have the ugly ones! Wait, which ones are the ugly ones?!? Good stuff. Thanks for posting!

FormosaSavage said...

The Apple Daily article is precious! Love the graphically displayed reenactment of the whole sordid ordeal!

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

Hah, I love how anti-foreign ranting does so often focus on foreign men (when not focused on Southeast Asian brides, who get just as much bashing as us whiteys). Like no foreign women ever come to Taiwan, or if they do, they're paragons of virtue? One of the very few advantages for women of sexism?

Anyhoo, "Arthur Dent", I have to admit from my 3 years' experience in Taiwan that it is absolutely true that there are some great foreign guys here (I'm engaged to one) and nobody deserves to be labeled with an immediate stereotype. many foreign men here *do* live up (live down?) to the list you posted above's sad. Except the rich part. The just-graduated kids who teach at buxibans are by no means 'rich'. Like anyone can be rich when Kojen is paying you $560 an hour.

Anonymous said...

Just a moment everyone. We are all taking the man's side on this. And factoring in ridiculous Green versus Blue paranoid issues. What IF David Lyon is a jerk, did screw this lady emotionally, did lie to her about his real identity, his real job, and how long he was planning to stay in Taiwan. What IF the man is wrong here, not because he is a white American Caucasian foreigner but maybe is a lying, 20-timing male chauvin pigist? Let's with hold judgement until judgememt day, no? Everyone's piling on the girl, even with her tits hanging out from the Apple's website, she might not be such a bad girl or a naive girl or a stupid girl. There ARE bad white guys. Let's wait and see if he ever works for AIT again. I am sure he is being shipped over to Afganny right now.

I am taking the girl's side for now. The AIT will tell the truth next week, watch.

sign me,

Had It Up to Here with Stud Muffins Who Lie Through Their Teeth Just to get Their Rocks Off with Asian Twat

Anonymous said...

Though this story is sensational and meant to bring out the worst in people, the attitude that stereotypes are all automatically bad is a kind of censorship that blocks all kinds of honest dialogue. For some value of "loser", besides those here for the language or other reasons, it may well be true that Taiwan attracts a large number of largely male, losers.

After all, it makes quite alot of sense that Americans or other foreigners that have debts or didn't find success job-wise in their home country to come to Taiwan and teach English to make some easy money (but the fact that it's not truly a lot of money means that those with successful careers in the US just won't find teaching English in Taiwan attractive).

Taiwanese do watch too much Hollywood and you know what? It does perpetuate stereotypes and portrays whites superior to blacks or Asians.

A foreigner in Taiwan meets all sorts of people and people are friendly towards them in ways that is not possible for most in their home country. To not acknowledge that some people are taking advantage of that is just being ignorant.

What's funny is how unaware people are of white girls in Taiwan with Asian fetishes and hoping to score a bigger fish than they otherwise would. It works both ways folks, foreigners ARE doing something they wouldn't be able to do in their home country.

I strongly recommend watching District 9. It's really about a similar (but much more violent and life-or-death, not just loss of pride or STD problem), but often self-censored topic.

A little rambling, but I think I offer a much different point of view. Chew on it.

Anonymous said...

... Gu Shoubai wrote that blacks were recognizable due to their "offensive smell". Professor Gong Tingzhang claimed that even the slightest physical contact with the black man was enough for the olfactory organs to be repelled by his "amazing stench". Each race gave off its own peculiar odor: "Africans have a smell of rotten meat one can detect from far away. Browns from America also have a specific odor." ...
In nationalist China, the aversion of smells was epitomized in the discourse on armpit odors: the "white race" and the "yellow race" would always remain separate, some Chinese writers imagined, since the former were actually attracted to body odors the latter abhorred. Dikotter (1995) p.160

Dikotter, Frank.1995. Sex, Culture and Modernity in Republican China. University of Hawaii Press

The KMT's Chinese nationalism effectively tried to conflate its concepts of China as a racial nation into contemporary concepts modernism. Do do this they relied on "science" to validate its own nationalist project. Under the nationalist, the human body became representative of the race-nation and thus all the nationalist tropes of national strength, unity, purity and foreign pollution were told through the allegory of the human body. Sexually transmitted disease was explained as a foreign pollutant introduced into a "pure" China after the Opium War.

It is very easy to see where these Chinese nationalist constructs have survived within the structure of the ROC.

Michael Turton said...

What IF the man is wrong here, not because he is a white American Caucasian foreigner but maybe is a lying, 20-timing male chauvin pigist? Let's with hold judgement until judgememt day, no?

The issue isn't whether the story is true. It hardly matters whether Lyon is an asshole who screws over every chick he meets.

The truth or falsity of the story is not relevant. David Lyon is not relevant. The girl is not relevant.

What's relevant is the use of the story as a lever to discredit the US. The story is just as effective irrespective of its level of falsehood.


Anonymous said...

Having run into a very bad situation before myself, there is no surprise in any of this. A guy of some authority (either government official or business executive) hooks up with a girl. She ends up feeling wronged, and decides to vent her anger the best way she knows how. Doesn't matter if he's Taiwanese, American, or whatever. This phenomenon knows no national or ethnic boundries.

For some inexplicable reason, there seems to be a strain in Taiwanese (and Chinese) culture that says it's OK to try and destroy a guy's career if he jilts her or is perceived to have additional girlfriend or two. There's even a Chinese saying for this form of punishment -- "hit an iron wall" (da tie qiang). She feels it's justified. He's a big shot who hurt and humiliated her. So she'll take him down.

Not all girls are like this -- most would be much more cautious about getting into a sexual relationship or just walk away if she found out the guy wasn't serious. But in Taiwan, there seems to be a higher ratio of "bunny boilers," to use a term inspired by the movie Fatal Attraction.

For the bunny boiling girl, the media is usually the best outlet if the guy is newsworthy. However, bunny boilers usually aren't thinking very well. The media is an incredibly unpredictable instrument, and very often there are follow-on stories that focus on the girl.

Sometimes the blowback can be unbearable. A good friend's sister was a bunny boiler in Taichung who went to the media in 1999 because her boyfriend, one of Taiwan's most promising pop stars at the time, was believed to have been seeing another girl and hanging out at nightclubs. The initial media reporting highlighted his malfeasance. However, follow on reporting got her name and where she herself had worked -- Taichung's largest nightclub (singer had nothing to do with the turnaround -- it's normal for readers to want to know more about the girl involved).

The media shift from him to her proved to be too much for her -- she hanged herself wearing a red dress to ensure ghosts would haunt the reporters who said bad things about her. She was a beautiful girl who had a bright future. It wasn't the end of the world just because the media reported that she had worked in a nightclub. She had plenty of time to recover her reputation.

Long story short is that the media is an incredibly unpredictable instrument for venting rage. David Lyons is a great guy. However, it seems he wasn't briefed on the bunny burning tradition that exists within certain segments of Taiwan's culture. Or he was, but exercised bad judgment in either picking the wrong girl to bring back to his apartment. Beyond this, experience should tell one that the best way to avoid problems is to demonstrate loyalty and stick to one girlfriend. David should be thankful that it wasn't worse.

Unknown said...

I think we are paying too much attention to Apple Daily here. Apple Daily is a joke. Everyone knows that it is the National Enquirer of Taiwan. They probably constantly hire 3-8-girls to seduce men, get pictures taken of the goings-on, add a little spice, and wham, they got a story. It is not much more credible (wait, actually less credible, because imagination is more credible than falsification and fabrication) than stories about UFO's and alien anal probings and white trash alien fourth encounters.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by foreigners riding their scooters dangerously? When in Rome do as the Romans, right?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure WHO wrote this, above, but it is absolutely bonkers. He or she wrote:

"The issue isn't whether the story is true. It hardly matters whether Lyon is an asshole who screws over every chick he meets.
The truth or falsity of the story is not relevant. David Lyon is not relevant. The girl is not relevant.
What's relevant is the use of the story as a lever to discredit the US. The story is just as effective irrespective of its level of falsehood."

Pardon my Portuguese, but how does this story discredit the US? It discredits one individual white asswipe he ran chicken to get out of here as fast as his white feet could fly him back to DC, this story DOES NOT discredit the US as a country, it discredits one honkey bitch. Anyone who sees a story about a white man who roger rabbits asian girls to get his jollies and then leaves them on his doorstep crying as discrediting the US better get his or her head examined. This is about a fucking asshole American creep and a psycho shiaj-jie. So what else is new?

You, above, read to much into this. Get thee to a nunnery, this is not about politics. It's about cum.

Anonymous said...

I second the anon person above somewhere. This is just sex story, not politics. Give us a break, bloggers.

"Similar situation here, my paranoid suspicious side says."

My suggestion: take your ''paranoid suspicious side'' and put into deep cold storage. You are very very wrong here. At least you have the gumption to admit you are paranoid. Most of us don't. But jeese, give this storey a break. The girl wants a revenge that's all. It's a revenge story. Not KMTDPPNPGOPUSA crapola.....

Anonymous said...

Its a fact that such stories affects my attitude toward "male foreigners" in Taiwan. A friend of mine just switch one girl after another since I know him(of course he loves them all... ... ... - -;). In general I do not appreciate those who get girlS, just because they are easy to get. (seems like Taiwanese sisters sonetimes are too fancy of caucasian male) i have nothing against cross cultural marriage, but no man should use girls just for sex.

I do respect those who come for certain purposes, such as missionaries. Mr. Turton, who has been writing many insightful stories about TW.

Wayfarer said...

I guess it's really "A愛T"! *rimshot*

Sorry...seriously...bad, Apple Daily! Bad shameless tabloid with infographics!

Kaminoge said...

Reading about this leaves me asking the same question I often pose to my wife while we're watching the local news on TV: "And this story is news because...?"

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

I agree with Michael Turton.

The dude is probably a douchebag, but that's totally irrelevant. The world is full of douchebags and they don't end up in the papers.

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

Forgot to add this interesting, almost relevant link:

Do we really believe Taiwanese women are so dumb that they just willingly throw themselves at these loohoooooosers (making big "L" sign on my forehead now) without any idea that their faces are better suited to a bottle of Summer's Eve?

Because if you do believe it, well, that's just as bad as believing every foreign guy in Taiwan is a rice king, or that every foreign girl is an ugger.

Anonymous said...

After you posted this blog post the wait times at AIT have quadrupled. I guess at least somebody's doing it.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures in the story are freaking hilarious.

Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag with the Tagged advertisement. You A**hole.

Anonymous said...

"Bunny boilers" exist in Japan, too; it's not just Taiwan girls who do this. I am sure they exist in Manila and Vietnam and Bangkok, too. In fact, they might even exist in Norwalk, Connecticut and Los Angeles. Revenge and cum-up-ance is a universal thing among women (and men) worldwide. Look at the case of the Canadian reality TV star who recently sliced up his Playboy model GF/slash/wife and then cut off her fingers so cops couldn't ID her and then he runs to Canada from LA and gets a room in hotel and then hangs himself. Dead as a doornail. Why? They had an argument a few days earlier. He saw a text message she sent to another beau she was seeing and she said "See you in Vegas next week and Ryan went apeshit, killed her sliced her and then hung himself. Crime of insane passion. This AIT thing is not so bad, but it could have ended with murder, too. Let's not make light of these things. David hurt this girl. She wanted cum-up-ance. She got it in the pages of the Apple Daily. No other paper or TV show would go with it, but Apple did. And don't forget the guy in USA last month who marched into a women's gym class and shot 16 people with a guy, because he could not find a girlfriend for 20 years even though he was not bad looking. Male rage is out there. That was a hate crime. He just wanted to kill women as women. Where is our outrage about that crime? If David and AIT girl were reversed, and she had left him for another guy, he might have killed her. And that's okay?

I think we are all defending the wrong team here. The offsides was on the male team. The woman did nothing wrong. Nothing. And yet here all you above are blaming HER. What's up with that?

Note: my wife agrees with me, with knife kiddingly pointed at ny you know what......

Anonymous said...

" 兔寶寶boilers" 於日本存在,也是; it' 做此不僅的s臺灣女孩。 我肯定他們於馬尼拉存在和越南和曼谷,也是。 实际上,他們也許於諾瓦克、康涅狄格和洛杉磯甚而存在。 復仇和附帶ance是在婦女(和人之中的)一件普遍事全世界。 看最近切他的花花公子模型GF/slash/wife然后切除她的手指如此逮捕couldn'加拿大現實電視星的事例; t ID她他跑到加拿大從LA並且然后得到一間屋子在旅館裡然后上吊。 死作為護門帽釘。 為什麼? 他們前有一個論據几天。 他看了她寄发到另一個花花公子她看見的正文消息,並且她說" 在下星期維加斯见和賴安去apeshit,被殺死她切了她然后上吊。 瘋狂的激情罪行。 這件AIT事不是,那么壞,但是它可能以謀殺結束了,也是。 Let' s不輕視這些事。 大衛傷害了這個女孩。 她要附帶ance。 她得到了它在蘋果計算機公司的頁每日。 其他紙或电视节目不會同行陪它,但是蘋果計算機公司。 並且don' t在美國上個月忘記人誰前進了入women' s體操课和射擊有人的16個人,因為他找不到一個女朋友20年,即使他不是壞看。 男性憤怒那裡。 那是因仇恨造成的犯罪。 他想殺害婦女作為婦女。 在哪裡是我們的暴行關於那種罪行? 如果大衛和AIT女孩被扭轉了,並且她留下他另一個人的,他也許已经殺害了她。 並且that' s okay ? 我認為我們是保衛錯誤隊的全部這裡。 越位在男性隊。 婦女什么都沒有錯誤做。 沒什麼。 仍然這裡所有您上面責備她。 What' s與那? 注: 我的妻子同意我,當刀子開玩笑地指向ny您知道什麼......

vin said...

Is judging people as good or bad and as losers or whatever for their sexual mores intelligent? I mean how about a little sophistication here? Given a choice and other things being roughly equal, female lions will go for the male with the black mane; the "other" is attractive for gene-driven reasons.

Every person is responsible for whether he or she develops awareness of themselves, a capacity for discernment, and emotional control, no? Two people who failed to discern well brought each other trouble, and to make culture or either person's race a primary focus in looking at this situation is to greatly limit awareness.

Evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, psychology, and Buddhism offer far more useful perspectives than shopworn "cross-culture"- centered judgment about race, losers, and psycho chicks. The latter stuff is of course entertaining and will be bandied about. But weren't those two people supposed to meet each other -- or else partners quite similar to each other?

And such stuff will happen wherever there is an environment that doesn't assiduously work to prevent it from happening -- within cultures the same as across cultures. So how does moral weighing-in – judging for the sake of taking sides -- make any sense?

Entertaining thread, though.
“Bunny boilers”: nice!

vin said...

Taiwan Echo: I (a white guy) sure get what you're saying, and I love seeing you write this kind of stuff. But I think the "you should" perpetrators know on some level that they are not acting from love or genuine concern, but they keep getting away with "you should" because the "harmony" value keeps people who know better from speaking the plain truth -- and thus the plain truth is effectively-enough repressed in the controllers' minds by aggressive impulses mixed with anxiety and in the controllees' minds by straight anxiety. As you said, "Whoever determines to have the independent thinking would feel like playing enemy against the view of entire society." So, tragicomically, "love" and "caring" get trotted out again and again to justify and forward aggressive aims, and no one points out how ludicrously inappropriate these euphemisms are. For me, anyway, the comedy of it all wore off long ago and now even the tragedy is becoming light. It becomes tedious and boring, noteworthy mostly only for its remarkable default on a simple awareness that most people have the mental capacity to readily achieve.

Unknown said...

And didn't she know what she was getting onto when you get a date on a website like that?

It is like going to Adultsexfinder or so on and expect to find nice guys who want to get married....

He's a douchebag, but I have no words to describe her... reminds me of the girls who ask me if I am available for a coffee while they are massaging me...

Michael Turton said...

Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag with the Tagged advertisement. You A**hole.


Readin said...

Jenna linked to an article about a supposed trend toward white guys finding Asian "trophy wives". The article mainly talks about the choices the men make.

I wish I could remember the source, but I remember reading an article that had studied the preferences of males and females regarding race and sex. The results were basically that men don't care about race, they'll date women of any race. Women on the other hand generally prefer to men of their own race.

The exception to this was oriental women who were more willing than others to cross the racial line, but only for white men.

This was all statistics, of course, and we all know of individual exceptions.

But the thing was, the higher white-male-oriental-female dating percentage compared to other interracial combos was explained not by white men seeking oriental women, but why oriental women being willing (not necessarily seeking) to date white men.

(A note of clarification - I find "Asian" to be confusing and even offensive when used to describe people born and raised in the U.S. so I use "oriental" as a racial term and reserve "Asian" as a cultural or geographic term.)

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

Wait, vin - the term "bunny boiler" is 'nice' but we shouldn't judge people as losers for their sexual mores? Isn't a term like 'bunny boiler' exactly that - judging a girl who gets into a sexual relationship with a guy and then goes apeshit when he strays/hurts her/whatever?

You've gotta choose one. Either you're the mature guy who tells us all to quit it and stop judging, who we all know is right but secretly hate hearing...or you're just as bad as the rest of us with your 'bunny boiler - nice!'. Can't be both.

Anyway, I'm firmly in the immature judgemental git section. Sure she's a bunny boiler. But he's a douche. A big fat lavender-scented squishy-wishy bag o' hoo-haa cleanin' douche.

Anonymous said...

I think there has not been enough critical analysis on how this is being reported and even in the comments here over how the parties are being portrayed in as gender stereotypes; libidinous, aggressive male, and passive, weak, victimized female. It is continually overlooked by these gender-types that the female can be sexually aggressive with the agency to seek sexual pleasure and freely take on new sexual partners as she desires. Taiwanese women have the agency to fetishize the white male as much as the white male can fetishize the Asian female. Men can be as objectified as women. In this case Both parties are freely seeking something in the other and neither was forced into anything. This is an expression of women's equality.

vin said...

"You've gotta choose one. Either you're the mature guy who tells us all to quit it and stop judging, who we all know is right but secretly hate hearing...or you're just as bad as the rest of us with your 'bunny boiler - nice!'. Can't be both."

What do the genes care, Jenna, whether I, or you, or anyone else chooses moral judgment or not? And who am I to tell people to quit such as this? Oscar Wilde said: "It's absurd to divide people into good or bad. People are either charming or tedious." I’m probably already plenty tedious, and in my judgment the last thing me and my genes need are to make ourselves even more tedious by trying to tell others what to do.

So I suggested what I believe is smarter, because I doubt it serves anyone (especially myself) well if I start trying to tell people what to do. But if you or anyone else still does want to judge, I'm actually fine with that.

Of course “bunny boilers” judges the woman. But it judges per her lack of emotional control, not according to ideas of “right” and “wrong.” If she wishes to avail herself of options that don’t respect boundaries (going to the media), she can do that. I don’t like it when people choose to do that kind of thing, but again, what do the genes care what I like and don’t like? And neither evolutionary psychology nor Buddhism would concur if I were to say she was “wrong.”

Your “big fat…” doesn’t charm me like “bunny boilers” does, but I like your effort there.

I don’t get how any of this stuff matters nearly as much as what Taiwan Echo talked about. If we seek self-growth, aren’t all liasons useful, no matter the result? Anyone who says no to nearly all liasons being useful is not making self-growth a priority, as far as I can understand. Do you wish to credit or otherwise support such persons? I don’t, but if you do, that’s fine with me.

Bringing in what Taiwan Echo wrote: Parents here deciding/forcing what their kids will study in university, not this liason stuff, is something I’ll get worked up about. Succumbing to the impulses such parents succumb to is what I find derelict (and frigteningly moronic in its lapse in judgment). I’d take a million David Lyons – or Media Medeas -- over such parents any day. Sure, our personal lives matter: perhaps nothing matters more – to we ourselves who are unavoidably ensconced in our own lives. But who (besides the law in cases where it applies) is really in any position to judge us and the choices we make when we venture into sex/romance/love territory? How could non-contingent judgment by others on such matters ever for sure be apt? And in what sense could it possibly be meaningful? I mean, even if it could somehow for sure be apt, what would be the point? Both of those persons were utilizing their chances to explore life courtesy of their own freedom. Meanwhile, a lot of people don’t enjoy freedom – and many of them would prefer to. It seems to me people’s freedom – including the freedom to royally fuck up – is the key issue here. And by refusing to judge, I’m respecting that freedom, no?

There certainly are dynamics and situations that I judge, Jenna, but appointing myself arbiter of right and wrong in situations like the one discussed here goes very much against what I believe in.
So I'll keep limiting myself to a mostly-aesthetic reaction to "bunny bolier" and other such terms. And you and all others can and will do as you, in turn, wish.

D.T. said...

The preference for White American men coming from East Asian Women (mostly South Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese) can be viewed as a direct result of U.S. interventionism in those countries post WWII, as well as an indicator of the country's status as the world's sole superpower. Susan Koshy describes this phenomena in her book "Sexual Naturalization", and conceives East Asian women's ability to pair up with American men as "sexual capital". In this sense, every TW woman - White Male pairing can be seen as having political undertones, irrespective of their own acknowledgement. It seems that as much as it is a form of agency, it is also quite geo-politically/economically determined. When Chinese Filipinos were making big bucks in the late 50's, some Taiwanese women were attracted to them as well. I'm not going to cast judgment upon whether going for that is right or wrong, but the concept of a totally spontaneous, attribute-less love/romance between any party is an idealized myth.

Anonymous said...

Why spending so much attention to a tit paper?

Sounds like that the Apple Daily News wanted a scandal a la Bill Clinton with his intern.

Taiwan still will love America and I'm meting everyday Taiwanese who want to study there, getting married with an American (women prefer white or black American, while Taiwanese men really like ABCs). Gosh that tit paper won't change anything.

Then I was in Hong Kong the Chinese there prefer white British guys. No difference there.

What I don't like is your title "Our women". Sounds like the Taliban... Maybe you can say that as an American, but us the mixed blood or European we give our money to the Taiwanese wife. Really...I know so many Dutchs, Spanish, Italians and Russians in Taiwan who leave their financial control to their Taiwanese wives (I know sounds scary if you think how much money they spend on cloths).

But there's no choice. You can work for a big European company here and don't get a credit card, nor you can buy stocks or securities.

Does the tit paper write about that if you are the biological father of a kid in Taiwan, that still your wife is the legal parent of your child until the government ratifies it.

Life in Taiwan is hard, but to protect the dignity of my family I will stay and just suffer it.

Anonymous said...

POSTSCRIPT: Same girl is now involved in an incident with an Australian.

Is it alphabetical? Or is she working her way up or down the anglophone food chain. It will be a Canadian next...

les said...

There was a case years ago where an AIT employee abused his power to approve or deny US visas to gain sexual favors from female applicants. As I remember he was dismissed and sent home. Some of the interest in this case is likely in reaction to that earlier incident.