Monday, August 17, 2009

DPP Volunteer Efforts Report + Pics

I have the report from the DPP in its July Newsletter.


Dear friends:

We are very sorry for the delay of the July issue.

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DPP headquarters and local chapters recently have been occupied by the Typhoon Morakot disaster relief operations. Floods, mudflows and landslides...the worst in the 50 years. While most of the counties in the South are fortunately able to start the recovering process, the rescue mission still continued in the mountain area and Kaohsuing county with death and causuality numbers still raising.

I just came back from Tainan county with my colleges last night. We were the first DPP disaster relief team going to the South- some of us went to Tainan and the others went to Pingtung. It's a three-day shift and now it's the second team stationed in these two counties (Tainan team is lead by DPP Dept of International Affairs Bikhim Hsiao). When we first departed to Tainan three days ago, we traveled with three volunteers, but now there are 73. In Pingtung, there are also about 60 volunteers. DPP HQ just sent a new team to Kaohsiung county this morning.

Tainan county is slowly recovering now. There is no flood, but it still rains quit often. (I was told by my colleges in Pingtung that the rain is non-stop there so they have to work in the rain and their clothes are never dry.) We've delivered water, instant noodles, bread, cookies etc to the families trying hard to clean their house and furnitures covered with mud (they still don't have stable electricity and water supply). What worries us is the possible outbreak of the disease once the weather goes better (since the garbages still piling up on the streets and dead fishes and rottom fruits floating on the rivers). The next immediate task is to clean up the community.

I've uploaded the photos we took in Tainan at

Your supports and help are great comfort and encouragement for us and those families impacted by the typhoon.

Best regards,
Hsiaoching Liu
Associate researcher
DPP Department of International Affairs
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