Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where to Donate

I shamelessly stole these from the Facebook group on Typhoon Morakot Aid. Hope you find them useful. If you want to give stuff, as of this date, Aug 15, as far as I know, the need is for things useful in cleaning: disinfectants, brooms, gloves, mops, saws, flashlights, masks, rubber boots, scrub pads, bleach, soap, and so on. Food and clothing are in abundance. Also needed are medical gloves, feminine protection, baby diapers, and similar.

Global Aid Efforts
  • Taiwanese American Association-USA Donation Drive: "Please send your donations in as soon as possible. All contributions would be greatly appreciated by our fellow Taiwanese, who urgently need our assistance. Please make your donation out to 'TAA-USA', mention "Typhoon Morakot Donation Drive" and send it to: Mrs. Ling Ling Huang, Treasurer, TAA-USA, 199 Bluejay Dr., Columbus, OH 43235, Phone (614) 888-6501" TAA-USA is a 501(C)3 tax exempt entity. Therefore your donation is tax-deductible.
  • Taiwan Center in LA: "Please mail your donation along with the donation form; financial contributions to Taiwan Center are tax-deductible, Tax ID: 95-4679702."
  • Taipei Economic Cultural Office (TECO): "For those wishing to help after seeing the horrific damaged caused by Typhoon Morakot, the government has set up an account for accepting donations." Ministry of the Interior Donation Account, Mega International Commercial Bank, Account No. 007-09-087816, Swift Code: ICBCTWTP007, San Francisco TECO Office: (415) 362-7680
  • Democratic Progressive Party - Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief Operations Center: "Donate using Paypal. Look for the DPP Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief Fund widget on the upper right hand side of the home page."
  • Global Giving: "The Fund will be disseminated to organizations providing relief to victims and survivors of the Typhoon and resulting mudslides. Activities: Provide hot meals to survivors; help in the recovery effort and rebuilding of houses damaged or destroyed in the mudslide."
  • FAPA Typhoon Morakot Donation Drive Information: Many of you are eager to help with Taiwan's flood relief effort. FAPA is ready to facilitate this urgent task immediately.
  • Tzuchi foundation in the US: Tzu Chi offices in the USA are launching a fundraising drive today for Typhoon Morakot victims. For the following two weekends, Tzu Chi volunteers will solicit donations on the streets and in shopping centers. Many agencies and businesses have already contacted us for donation information. The entire staff of Cathay Bank has committed one million NT dollars of donation to Tzu Chi’s charity fund. We earnestly urge every one to show our love and contribute whatever we can for the disaster victims. Online donation through Paypal and Google checkout
Taiwan Non-profit organizations/branches
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Tommy said...

I am super annoyed. I tried Tzu Chi, but they would not let me donate to the US website without entering a State in the address line of the form. My card is a Hong Kong card, so I can't do that. I tried using a US card, but the site did not send me a confirmation and I don't know what happened to the transaction.

I tried Tzu Chi's Taiwan site, but they want me to enter an ROC ID, which I don't have.

I called Tzu Chi's office in Hong Kong, but they don't accept donations by credit cards. They want a check, but I don't have a checking account.

I tried the Taiwanese-American association, but they request a check too.

I tried the ROC Red Cross, but they require I enter a Taiwan city or county.

It has never been so difficult for me to make a donation. This is ridiculous.

Cara Lin Bridgman said...

If we want to donate things, where should we send them?

Any indication of profiteering of requested items?

Chase said...

Thanks for the in depth run-down.
Will be passing this along to friends in the States and elsewhere.


David said...

Can I also suggest giving through the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. The Church is an important part of many indigenous communities and will contribute a lot to the rebuilding process. Here is a link to the page with details of US and Taiwan bank accounts

Ingrid Embree said...

Thanks for including the GlobalGiving link - - the response has been heartening.

Άλισον said...

I didn't see the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan listed earlier, but thanks to David's comment it is now.

From this link, and by clicking each county on the map, one can see the church has established many branches in those villages with mostly indigenous residents affected by the disaster.

The church will certainly know what's needed most by the villagers. Therefore, highly-recommended by me.

BIT said...

I was able to donate through Tzh Chi web site (USA)using just credit card number:

Anonymous said...

"Presbyterian Church in Taiwan -- I highly recommend this one, with a long history of support for Taiwan democracy, and for local indigenous peoples."

I remember back in 70s when I was in high school our "military instructors" warned us enough times about the "secret plots" of PCT. That is some great endorsement from KMT, so I figure PCT must be good.

Leslie said...

Would be nice to get an address in there - for us young English teacher who want to donate.

I don't have a local credit card, and would prefer to go somewhere in Taipei and donate cash in person.

Anyone have an idea?