Thursday, August 20, 2009

Egret Selects

Food crisis. Typhoon Morakot. People dying. World economic crisis. Global warming. Swine flu. Overpopulation.

But egrets are still beautiful.

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阿牛 said...

I like that final cattle egret shot.

Michael Turton said...

Me too, and I also love the one with the group of egrets all huddled on the rise.

Robert R. said...

I'm (mostly) lovin' the Street View, but I'm surprised that a lot of the alleys are not included. (at least where I've been looking in south-east Daan district.

Even a couple larger ones are missing, such as eastbound on half of Nanjing E. Rd, sec. 6.
And it's a bit difficult to deal with bridges over other roads. (or stacked bridges).

Either way, much better than what we had a week ago.

Mad Minerva said...

Great shots of some gorgeous animals. Thanks too for a bit of beauty as respite from typhoon fallout news.

Robert Scott Kelly said...

Saw the Google Street View truck down in Donggang today. Made sure to get in the shot.

Plug here if I may: the Wang Ye Boat Burning Festival, put on every three years by the Donglong Temple in Donggang, will run from October 10-18 this year. Don't miss southern culture at its most sublime and pyrotechnic.