Sunday, October 28, 2007

UN Torch Relay Times

Maddog flipped me this link to the UN Torch relay. The times above are from the official Torch Relay site. Tomorrow, the 29th, it is at the Ai He Concert Hall in Kaohsiung, on HeHsi Rd at 7:00, and then to Tainan, where it will be at the Chih Kan Lou (the on Min Tzu Rd) at 2:30. On the 30th it will be in Tainan and then in Chiayi. On the 31st it is in Yunlin, Nantou and Changhua, arriving in Taichung on Nov 1.

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cfimages said...

Thanks for posting that - I hadn't been able to find any info. Baguashan is just down the road from me, but I'll be working when it comes through. Might have to try and convince my boss to give me a couple of hours off.