Tuesday, October 09, 2007

DPP Women at the Grassroots

The Taipei Times notes the role of local women in mobilizing the DPP's base:

Liu Mei-yueh (劉美月) may look like an ordinary stay-at-home mom hurriedly running errands and doing the grocery shopping at a traditional market, but on top of her family life, Liu is a career woman who plays an important role in mobilizing grassroots supporters of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for political rallies.

"DPP [Pingtung County] councilor Lee Shih-pin (李世彬) often calls her and says: `Big Sister, can you fill two tour buses for me?'" said Liu's daughter, Charlotte Tsai (蔡慧怜), who is in her late 20s.

"And she always promises to help fill at least one tour bus [with rally participants]," Tsai said. "And then she starts calling everyone she knows."

Liu is not on Lee's payroll, nor is she a DPP staffer, but she is a grassroots political activist who takes her role very seriously and seldom turns down the opportunity to attend a demonstration for her political beliefs.

This is the kind of stuff the DPP needs more of. The DPP also needs to get out young people to work for it in larger numbers.

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channing said...

With the KMT doing the same thing, pro-green media prefer to term it "busing in the supporters and handing out free lunches."