Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day of Bloggers

I went hiking in the morning with Jim Boyden of Sponge Bear in the hills around my house. In the afternoon I picked up Mark Forman of Getting a Leg Up and headed up to Hukou for the uber blogger party hosted by Michael Klein. Present were bloggers MJ Klein the Bushman, Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea, Andres the photographer, Mark Forman of Getting a Leg Up, Carrie from My Several Worlds, David of David on Formosa, and David of David in Taiwan, as well as relatives, fiances, girlfriends, bodyguards, entourages, hangers-on, camp followers, agents, peddlers, monks, and others too numerous to mention and too uncertain to catalogue. A good time was had by all, especially after the rum began to flow. Which was right away, come to think of it.

Michael's wonderful wife Huichen.

We started out on Michael's roof. Next door Krosa had pummeled the roof, smashing up the water tanks and blowing away the cage for these pigeons. Since pigeons always come home to roost, they did, even though the cage was gone. They milled around, confused, clucking to each other in pidgin.

Todd thinks about how much he misses his girlfriend, off in China.

He flew in from next door and we invited him to sit with us, but he remained on the wall. I guess he just wasn't a stool pigeon.

Mark F, David R, and Todd A listen to Michael

Hukou Industrial District.

Michael plays for us.

David Reid of David on Formosa.

David (in Taiwan) looks up at Michael. We shifted over to a local Thai bar for some singing and eating and other convivial activities. David, a former Peace Corps volunteer like myself, proved to be excellent company, talkative and full of stories. My pictures of everyone else didn't come out -- too blurry, as if the camera was subject to unusual shake. Can't think why....


David said...

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the kind words. I had a great time at the party. We certainly will be attending any future get-togethers. I am going to seriously check out the MBA program at NTU...thanks for the excellent advice. Catherine and I are thinking about taking a road trip down to your neck of the woods. If so, I will be in touch.

thanks again,

Andre said...

aren't we cute???

Anonymous said...

I'm sad we missed out on the early afternoon festivities. Your photos are great.

It was great meeting you. John and I are looking forward to the next blogger meet-up. I'll sing with you any time!