Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Job at Community Services Center in Taipei

Jerome Keating sent this around:


Job Opportunity at The Community Services Center

The Center seeks to fill the position of Editor of Centered on Taipei (COT).

The editor of COT leads the magazine team comprised of the co-editor, Richard Saunders, who contributes and proof reads, the graphic artist, Katia Chen, and the advertising manager, Paula Lee. The editor is responsible for developing ideas for articles, seeking contributing writers, and seeing each issue through to print. Many community groups turn to the editor to place ads about their events, so the position also requires some community liaison work.

Job Requirements:
Understanding of and commitment to the Center's mission
Excellent PR skills
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent organizational skills
Very good written English

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume electronically to the attention of Mary Chua, Director, at together with a letter / statement of interest by October 19, 2007. Questions about this position or the selection process can be forwarded to Lyn Neal, Office Manager, at


Patrick Cowsill said...

Where did you take that shot?

Michael Turton said...

That pic is a composite of nine or ten. The main pic of the girl in the white underwear was taken on Hwan Jung Rd in Taichung, just before the highway, where there are about a half dozen or more stands all piled together.