Thursday, October 25, 2007

UN for Taiwan Paraphenalia

Get this bandana....

....and this t-shirt, here with a front...

...and rear view. We bought them on Yahoo.
UN for Taiwan T-shirt
服務電話:0919159608 李小姐


Anonymous said...

oh yeah!!!

i've been looking for these things!!!


they are brand new, right?

maoman said...

I like the "Taiwan - My Country" t-shirts. Any idea where one can get them?

Michael Turton said...

The ones I have are brand new!

Maoman, don't know where I can find them.


Anonymous said...

UN for Taiwan. Great idea. Won't happen. It's pie in the sky, and pie in the face of an election year. Talk about weapons of mass distraction.

The DPP is chin-deep in corruption. Taiwan is losing its economic footing in the region. Taiwan has a shitload of pressing needs that get put on the backburner by the Chen administration in favor of the UN smokescreen (how 'bout a couple of extra handicap access ramps or cleaner water?).

When is there going to be a discussion on the realistic possibility of Taiwan joining the UN, or the real benefits of joining?

I'm all for Taiwan independence, but this UN push isn't going to do it.