Saturday, October 06, 2007

Krosa Nears Taiwan: Saturday at 4

Friday evening, 24 hours before Krosa

I just stopped down at 7-11, where the LCD ad screen had a pic of Krosa encroaching on our fair island. Down here in Taichung, protected by 3000 meter mountain walls, the storm's fury is not nearly so violent.

Friday night, Krosa hours away.

Krosa looks like it is going to be a bad one. It's not even here yet, but it is already doing all sorts of damage.

Saturday morning: Workers try to weight down fences brought down by storm winds.

Saturday afternoon at 3. My neighbor's doors blown in.

Fences down everywhere.

Objects and wires strewn about the road.

For some reason local city governments insist on using these cheap trees that grow quickly but come apart easily in storms.

Stray objects knocked down everywhere.

Trees down too.

Krosa is still picking up steam, so stay tuned for more


michael.offworld said...

Thanks again for these little photo-tours. Very enjoyable. Good luck with the storm, if it hasn't already passed. Their size and frequency are very foreign to me in my prairie home. We had our first sprinkle of snow yesterday.


Eli said...

Taipei was a mess. I think that was the worst storm I've seen since I've been living in Beitou (about a year and a half).

Unknown said...

I think it's probably the strongest typhoon I can remember since Herb, back in '96. It did the same thing as a typhoon I recall from the early '80s: basically staggering along slowly, stopping, and then lurching on again, and even going in circles. That type of typhoon tends to be the most destructive. It caused a lot of problems here in Hsinchu, especially in the mountains.