Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daily Links, April 22, 2007

ESWN writes:
I see that Danwei now has an "From The Web" section on the top of the page for links to interesting articles elsewhere. This is something that I applaud heartily. Earlier this year, the EastSouthWestNorth introduced an expanded Section on recommended photos/videos/readings. This website represents the effort of one individual who can only do so much. If a topic is adequately covered elsewhere, he will not duplicate the effort; instead, he will point out these other articles of interest to him. There is some feedback that there has been appreciable impact to the website traffic to many of the linked websites.

I urge all bloggers to adopt the same recommendation process. As individual bloggers, we have limited influence. If we form a recommendation circle, we can make each other known to many more people. Any blogger will recommend only that which is interesting/meaningful to him/her, and this should not be otherwise. I am making this suggestion because we should all try to give a greater effort to make the blogosphere better known and more influential than individual bloggers in isolation.

I think it would be great too if more blogs did this, especially blogs with strong readership who could drive readers to other good stuff out there that isn't getting the play it deserves. There's lots of great stuff out there, and no one can cover it all. Further, blogging for me is about building communities, and spawning them as well. One important way to reify and deepen community is by linking to others who blog on topics of interest. That is why I am constantly trying to expand my list of links on the sidebar too. You can never have too much community....I'd like to take a moment and thank Roland at ESWN for inspiring my own Daily Links page, which was once the more in-depth Round-ups.

On to today's links:

  • Poagao reviews the DPP and KMT presidential candidate selection process. Good stuff from one of my favorite blogs.

  • Scott muses on my presentation at the blogging conference.

  • Sponge Bear's blog is covered with pics. Enjoy these from a spring walk.

  • Thirsty Ghosts is full of great stuff. Just go look.

  • That's Impossible! reports that the first KMT legislator has jumped ship and switched to the DPP. As the KMT leadership reconfirms that its all about the mainlander core of the party, expect more of these.

  • Ni Howdy on chili: the experts speak.

  • For those of you who missed the Yanshui Fireworks Festival last month, Everyone is a Foreigner has the call.

  • Loveless Cynic has a few choice comments about racism here: things that bother her.

  • Three Cs dissects an article on Betel Nut Girls in the Taipei Times.

    Anonymous said...

    "Scott muses on my presentation at the blogging conference."

    OK, so this is a link to a post about your post about you blogging about giving a talk about blogging.

    Read it again carefully - it's an accurate statement. I have a headache now!

    lovelesscynic said...

    Thanks for the link, Michael. I looked at my hit counter this afternoon and almost jumped out of my skin.

    I'm glad you liked the post.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you again for adding to my Taiwanese blog diet. Very handy as we continue to pack up and get ready for the big move.