Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God I hate Norton

Every time I open any Windows program, such as Wordpad, Word, Powerpoint, or the computer operating system when it boots, I get this message: first an attempt by Windows install to 'repair' something, then this warning so fast I can barely cancel. Moreover, it pops up three times. WTF is this? A virus? Spyware? What? I can't seem to fix it.



Anonymous said...

If you use some kind of Ad-aware spyware-removal program, it's possible that it removed something that is confusing Norton. That's what somebody told me when I used to get that message.

Unfortunately, you might have to reinstall Windows.

Switch to Macintosh.

Anonymous said...

If it is a virus try trendmicro online scan and repair tool. It works very well for some particular virus problems.


However, your problem look more like Microsoft product related.

There is one other easy fix, go to system restore and see if there is a restore point before the problem occured and restore back to it. If it is a worm, it should fix it. It won't delete any files but all programs installed after the restore point will be uninstalled.

Michael Fahey said...



Just Google for the contents of the error message.

MJ Klein said...

Michael, you still have those linux live CDs i gave you to check out?

HC got a new computer with XP "professional." first use, it wouldn't shut down - had to pull the power plug. second day, it crashes and re-starts every 4 hours or so. she has been using linux for the past few months so these crashes are really scaring her. my computer crashes about once per year running linux.

the new macs are good - they are now linux based. with a program called Parallels you can run windows programs under the OS.

Tony Pace said...

This link tells you what you need to do.

Good luck, and don't use Norton next time you buy acomputer, even if it's 'free'. Avast and AVG are much better and actually free.

Anonymous said...

Get a Mac.

Patrick Cowsill said...

I just got a Mac. I was tired of wrestling with my PC and Windows.

Mac is pretty stable and has a lot good film programs.

Raj said...

Michael, I suggest you try AVG Free.

You get free updates forever even with the free version, and it works really well. If you want you can pay a tiny amount of money for the "professional" version where you can get support if you have questions, etc.

The current build is AVG 7.5


Anonymous said...

Macs aren't Linux based.

Macs are based on FreeBSD,
BSD standing for Berkeley Software Distribution. Yep, the school.

BSD is a flavor of Unix, written as a free and open source software alternative to expensive, proprietary versions. BSD was around way before Linux and is still around, the biggest difference between BSD and Linux being that BSD can be altered and used commercially with no strings attached while any alterations to Linux have to be "released" back to anyone who wants to see the source, making Linux, for better or worse, viral.

As a sidenote, FreeBSD happens to be big in Taiwan, though Linux has its following, as elsewhere in the world.

Most people can't handle Linux, and reading the questions people post about Linux, there's quite a few that can't admit it. It's not user friendly because it's a small marketshare with no real corporations backing it for desktop use. Linux's real home is the server world (though if you REALLY want, you can take a look at Ubuntu).

Otherwise, getting a Mac is one easy way to deal with viruses and spyware.

Kerim Friedman said...

I know that several people recommended getting a Mac, but you really have to see this video!

Anonymous said...

Don't use Trendmicro, or any Symantec program. Try Nod32 http://www.eset.com