Monday, April 30, 2007

Su Beng's new book

Feli, who is writing a biography of Su Beng, the longtime democracy and independence activist, announces....


The official book release for Su Beng's latest book, The Ideology of Democracy, will be held on May 5 from 2:00pm-5:00pm at the Taiwan National University's Alumni Building: JiNan Road Section 1, No. 2-1, 4th Floor. There will be some opening remarks made by guest speakers and Su Beng himself will also be speaking publicly on this occassion. I have posed this information on my blog, All About Su Beng. Su Beng's Chinese language website.



Unknown said...

Hey Michael, I did something wrong. I added TaiwanMatters beneath my signature on a FAPA post the other day. I sincerely apologize for doing that as immediately others thought that perhaps I was somehow one of the admins or what-not of Taiwan Matters. I already issued an apology and a clear statement about the whole thing. It was a mistake and I won't do it again. ~Sean.,

Michael Turton said...

Don't worry about it. All cleared up now.


Anonymous said...

Your link to the blog "All About Su Beng" needs to be corrected to