Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daily Links, April17, 2007

Plenty of stuff to alight on today....

  • Thirsty Ghosts, a wonderful new blog aggregating work from several local reporters, offers a look at Boy Wonder Ma Ying-jeou, and an article on a turf battle between the police and immigration.

  • Anarchy in Taiwan at the Spring Scream.

  • Todd's umbrella got ripped off. Yes, she meant to take it.

  • Media Diary reviews a film about Taiwan in the crisis packed year of 1979.

  • David on Formosa has great posts on the new cable car line in Taipei, and on mass transit outside of Taipei.

  • Sean says volume 6 of Pressed, a local fiction mag, is out.

  • Prince Roy sees a legend in concert.

  • Feiren annihilates the immigration bureau over the latest case of outrageous punishments for petty abuses.

  • The. Best. Ever. The Regulatory has his way with Mormon missionary meetings.

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