Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daily Links, April 24, 2007

Everyone's heading home to read those Taiwan bloggers....

  • Homeschooling in Taiwan? A Crooked Mile recounts a visit from the Taipei County system to oversee their homeschooling progress. The system actually seems pretty good, as conceived, though it loses something in the execution. They have further comments as well.

  • Taiwan as viewed from India: a fairly decent take on Taiwan-China relations from the Chennai Centre in India.

  • fiLi, the lone Israeli Taiwan blogger, blogs on Taiwan's WHO bid. More on this later, but it looks like there is a general attempt at TECRO to push that WHO blog someone at Taiwan Thinktank slapped together (which seems to have undergone some improvements since I kvetched about it).

  • Speaking of the Taiwan WHO blog, it hosts a letter from a French doctor supporting Taiwan's entry.

  • Wild at Heart blogs on the legislature's attempt to change the law prohibiting hunting and fishing within national park limits.

  • Well-known Taiwan blogger Daniel Wallace of Suitcasing considers moving to Syria.

  • Like your meat hung low? The Taipei Kid photos it.

  • The lovely Adelita brings back pics from Cingjing Recreational Farm.

  • The Daily Lomo always has unique pics.

  • The Foreigner puts up some links, reproduced here: Defending Taiwan: U.S. Naval drills, Chinese micro killer satellites?, Slow but steady: Chinese development of nuclear submarine technology. Good work, man.

  • SPECIAL: Dans.photo, an absolutely fantastic photographer, has some great images of Matsu and the current festivities going on in Dajia, only five, but more are certain to go up. Stroll through all his stuff on Flickr, there are some totally amazing photos there. Speaking of photos, I have to go to auto shows more often....


    dtwja said...

    Whoops, Michael... The "killer satellites" and "naval exercise" links are the same.

    Anonymous said...

    Alex & Michael,

    Thanks for bringing the error to my attention. The "killer satellite" link can be found here: