Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Lovely Day in Central Taiwan

Every day should start with bright sun and an SETV poll showing Tsai up on Hung 47-14.8%. 

Since a blowout election is a political blogger's nightmare, I took my mind off the election with one of my favorite routes today, the 130 in Miaoli, with 90 kms of riding plus 1200 meters of climbing, and even added a new wrinkle with additional climbing. Some fabulous descents. What a lovely day. Wish you had been with me.... here's a few pics...

Iris is ready for the route

Drew watches with approval as the tractor hauling my daily whisky requirement drives by.

A farmer says hello.

We stopped at the old Tai-an train station, now a tourist trap historical site with adjacent tourist trap old street and nearby tourist traps with giant maws to suck in even the most wary tourist leisure farms.

Took Iris to see the old train bridge.

I am sure that all regulations for construction of these obvious bed and breakfast places within protected reservoir districts were scrupulously followed.

We took the 130 and stopped at the top for slushies and photos.

Then we descended to the broken railway viaduct, but changed our route and headed back up the 51-1 and took the 51 back down to Houli. Here we take a picture of the eastern end of the valley with the old railway viaduct. The mountains were gorgeous.

Iris waits for a train.

What a freakishly gorgeous day.
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