Thursday, June 13, 2013

BREAKING: Phils Investigators hold Phils Coast Guard Criminally Liable

Phils Investigators fault Phils Coast Guard....
The National Bureau of Investigation has recommended the filing of criminal charges against the Filipino coast guards involved in the shooting death of a Taiwanese fisherman in northern Philippine waters last month, the Inquirer learned on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

This is confirmed by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has confirmed that criminal and administrative charges have been recommended by the National Bureau of Investigation against Philippine Coast Guard personnel embroiled in the May 9 fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman in disputed waters in northern Philippines.

"I confirmed in an interview here in Madrid that the NBI report is now with the President and that the NBI has recommended the filing of charges against the PCG personnel involved in the incident," De Lima told reporters in a text message on Thursday.

De Lima is currently in Madrid, Spain attending the World Congress Against Death Penalty.

Anonymous said...

So what is your opinion on this, Mike?

Anonymous said...


Here is an Al jazeera look on the issue.

Take note the description. Al Jazeera called the Taiwanese fishermen ILLEGAL. It also chronicles the dynamite fishing of Taiwanese in Philippine waters (no wonder they've "overfished" their area -- they use dynamites)

Anonymous said...

The DPP was right about the Filipinos all along. I think all of the foreigner "friends" of Taiwan owe the DPP an apology.

Anonymous said...

Filipino here.

We accept and has been expecting the planned charges against PCG. Granted they are found guilty in court we are in no way going to support them.

But the territorial issue is another matter.

During the time of the late President Corazon Aquino (in power 1986) Taiwan asked for passage rights to and fro the Pacific Ocean recognizing Philippine sovereignty over the area. It was revoked a few years later because it was discovered Taiwanese abused the "passage lanes" by illegally fishing and poaching "on the way."

This was more than 15 years ago.

Now the current Taiwanese government with their selective reading and unilateral expanded border line is something we will not simply allow.

The Batanes province is still north of the Balintang channel. Respect the median EEZ starting from the Batanes province please.

les said...

Next step for Taiwan will be pushing the Philippines into some unfair fishing treaty to 'redress the wrong done to Taiwan' or somesuch nonsense.

Top marks to Aqunio for:

Statesman-like behavior and avoiding histrionics.

Insisting on going through the proper course of investigation, legal prosecution and then finally punishment rather than bowing to Taiwanese pressure to punish first, justify later and investigate never.

Having the dignity not to retaliate against Taiwanese sanctions by suspending Taiwanese imports or other measures.

Anonymous said...

To the comment above.

In what way or form can the Philippines possibly retaliate without shooting itself in the foot?

Philippines is pure weakness in the international arena. We are a banana republic.

Almost every move we make (yes I'm a Filipino) is either seconded or "supported" by another country or international organization.

les said...

Taiwan gains more economically from having Filipino migrant workers than they send home in remittances. These workers can also be deployed in other places, while it would difficult for Taiwan to replace them with workers from elsewhere.
Taiwan enjoys a trade surplus with the Philippines which puts you at an advantage.
Philippines could tighten visa requirements on Taiwan citizens, or stop issuing visas entirely. You could refuse entirely to talk to Taiwan through official channels under the one-China policy.

Having a seat at the UN, universally-accepted sovereignty over your own territory and a real defense treaty with the USA is not some flimsy or trivial advantage. For sure the Philippines isn't perfect but given the choice I'd much rather go around with a Philippine passport than that of the so-called ROC, and long-term I'd feel much safer living there.

Anonymous said...


I really don't understand that kind of optimism.

There are now many expat living here (usually from USA, Korea, and many from Taiwan), most Filipinos are doing everything they can to serve foreigners and live/transfer their families to another (with similar or greater western values/philosophy) country.

les said...

I understand the Philippines isn't perfect but you are not under much threat of waking up one morning to find the PRC flag flying over the local government office and world politely ignoring your passport along with your pleas for help.
Well, at least if you don't live on the Scarborough or Thomas Shoal that is.