Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some Links Thursday

Wife + dog = afternoon stroll.

Spent the afternoon listening to Ivanovs, Melartin, and Noskowski. Made some links while I was listening....
  • Cindy Sui with excellent piece on Chinese students in Taiwan and how they are learning about democracy. Before you get all excited about the prospects, just make a mental list of all the elites the world over, including many here in A Certain Political Party, who were educated in democracies and then went on to participate enthusiastically in authoritarian politics. Yeah, a lot. 
  • Top China Affairs officials shuffled.
  • This one was flying around Facebook: community petitions that Filipino workers be made to leave. This is quite extreme for Taiwan -- makes me wonder if something else is going besides the obvious ethnic chauvinism -- the money quote in there denying that it is racism is awesome :
    “It has nothing to do with discrimination,” she said. “With 460 households and more than 1,000 residents, Rueilian is a peaceful community. They are merely worried that clashes could happen because of these foreign workers, with their different skin color and different culture, going in and out of the community.”
      Saddening...I've had so many great interactions with Filipino workers here. 
  • Under the Radar links from AsiaEye
  • Laowiseass with some observations on behavior in Taiwan and in China. Do the Taiwanese congratulate themselves too much that they aren't like China anymore?
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Jenna Cody said...

"We're not racist, but...

...we're racist."

That article has been bouncing around my Facebook, too, and I do intend to blog on it later.

Tim Maddog said...

LOL! Ralph Jennings thinks loudness is measured by the "octave."

Maybe his definition of "sniper" is also different from the one in the dictionary.

Tim Maddog