Monday, September 17, 2012

Daily Links, Monday, Sept 17, 2012

Night in Taipei

Rounding up the weekly links today.....



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Anonymous said...


There is a news item that you may want to collect into your "daily bag of links": Richard Bush told the DPP on Sept 14 to "accept and recognize" the Republic of China in order to "be more able to protect the country's core interests".

Can't figure out his logic and what Taiwan's "core interests" he had in mind that can be protected by pretending to be "ROC".

Actually, my first reaction was: "A-ha, the AIT is about to be upgraded to the US Embassy to ROC; it's two Chinas after all".

I believe I was mistaken. I don't presume that Richard Bush, as former chair of AIT, is actively lobbying the US to "accept and recognize" the ROC, which claims aggressive sovereignty over China, Tibet and Mongolia?

Michael Turton said...

Collect it already three posts down -- Bush has already said he was not properly quoted, waiting for the Brookings Transcript to be published.

Anonymous said...

>>Collect it already three posts down

Yes, found it. Sorry, I missed it!

I cannot imagine what he could've meant within "context and nuanced".