Friday, November 19, 2010

Taekwondo Assoc Hacked, Assoc Announcement

As of 8:10 local time here in Taiwan this is still up at The video in the center plays and the site also plays the ROC anthem.

The Asian Taekwondo Union sent out this announcement:


In an amazing turn of events a Chinese Taipei player tried to pull a fast one over the taekwondo world

The first day of the Taekwondo Championship at the 16th Asian Games started with a storm that had the capabilities of turning into a hurricane but fortunately was defused with a timely and prudent intervention of the taekwondo officials and the championship was able to weather the storm and pass through it safely.

Match No. 2108 in the Under 49 Kgs in the Female division had YANG Shu Chun from Chinese Taipei playing against VUThi Hau from Vietnam.

The match started with everything seemingly as normal as it should in the first 45 seconds of the first round until the engineer from Manufacturer of the Protective Scoring System (PSS), LaJust, saw something unusual about the way the Chinese Taipei player was scoring and the look of her socks.

At this point he asked the center referee to stop the match to check the special socks that are worn by all the players when using the electronic system.

As requested by the engineer, the referee stopped the match to check the player's socks when he noticed that the Chinese Taipei player had illegally added 2 extra sensors to the heal of her socks.

As stipulated in the WTF Competition Rules & Regulations he was obliged to stop the match and declare the player from the Chinese Taipei as the loser by "illegal manipulation of the PSS System".

This brought on a fierce protest by the Chinese Taipei coaches and head of the team who were claiming they were innocent and the player refused to leave the court while the Chinese Taipei team representatives filed an official protest with the Competition Supervisory Board (CSB).

Therefore the WTF Technical Delegate from China and the CSB members from Iran, Singapore, Philippines and Korea along with ATU President, WTF Secretary General, ATU Secretary General and the Chairman of the Referee Committee as observers then quickly held a meeting to make an evaluation of the evidence and the protest.

After a lengthy review and assessment of the evidence and talking with the LaJust engineer, the center referee in the match and receiving their signed affidavit of the incident the illegal act committed by the Chinese Taipei they gave a chance to the President of the Chinese Taipei Taekwondo Associations and Head of the Team to present their side of this reprehensible episode of manipulation of the Rules & Regulations.

After listening to the Chinese Taipei officials and taking into consideration that this act may have been the work of a few and the rights of other athletes from Chinese Taipei team, the WTF appointed Technical Delegate and the Competition Supervisory Board decided to only ban the player and the 2 coach involved and not the whole Chinese Taipei team from the remaining of the championship and make the following recommendation to the Asian Taekwondo Union:

* The Chinese Taipei player, coaches to be banned until their case is heard by the World Taekwondo Federation Ethics Committee.
* The Chinese Taipei Taekwondo Association and its officials to be investigated further by the WTF Ethics Committee and the proper punishment be handed down for the incident to stop any future attempts to manipulate the WTF Competition Rules & Regulations.


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Anonymous said...

Good to see the Taiwanese dishing it out for once.

philippe said...

it's down now.
that was a example of how taiwan deals with issues they don't like.

but i would like to say, taekwondo has a history of poor oversight. starting with the man who got the sport into the olympics.

the olmpics like fifa are basically a bunch of entitled elites who act like governments when things are going great, and uphold their private entity status when things go wrong while all the time asking government to pay for their entitlements in the name of "development" by holding the event!

Anonymous said...

Ban Taekwando in world sports and replace it with fair play with honor KARATE!


Dixteel said...

I don't like this hack. Why put South Korean flag on it as well? There might actually be South Korean who sympathize with the situation if it is brought to their attention, because Taekondo is their national sport after all. If they know Chinese officials are messing around with it they would be pissed. But instead this Taiwanese idiot has to try to piss off South Korean.

Know who is your ally and who is your enemy in a given situation is important. Hacking like this will only make China happy.

Michael Turton said...

Yes, there is no point in pissing off South Korea -- which may be why it was done. ;)

Anonymous said...

Who is to say that this hack is not FROM CHINA, in order to deteriorate the relationship between Korea and Taiwan and to make Taiwan look bad. I think you got the right idea to be skeptical of Chinese government, but I don't think that many people are on the right level to understand just HOW low down and dirty they are because you yourself are not that low and contemptuous.

Anonymous said...


Because a lot of Taiwanese are perfectly willing to display casual contempt towards Korea. "Korean dogs", they say. It's a joke and there is not necessarily any real animosity. But it's acceptable.

Anonymous said...


Casual contempt towards Korea is accepted among Taiwanese youth. This hack is just a crude display of vandalism, nothing more.

marlonys said...

Isn't it coach's fault ???? He did not care about the regulation, did he??? why do taiwanese blame ONLY korean???

marlonys said...

i understand that it was very ridiculous incident to taiwanese. however, as 3rd person, they should not blame korea.

SY said...

Now, this is a bizarre twist to the soap opera:

1. (NOWNews site with news clip) Ma Ying-Jeou said that he "activated the national security council" to deal with the situation.

2. (FTV news item) Ma Ying-Jeou "confirmed that he activated the national security council to handle the Taekwondo affair."

If memory serves, Ma refused to activate the national security council to mobilize the army for the Morakot rescue and recovery efforts, as urged by all at the time. Ma relented seven days later after being criticized internationally.

Something in or around this affair is damaging Ma's power base much more than the Morakot disaster.

Back to the hack....well, one wonders whether it was not evidence of Ma's "national security" team in action. :-)

SY said...

Sorry, I missed providing the URLs in my previous comment. Here are the correct Web links:

1. (NOWNews site with news clip) Ma Ying-Jeou said that he "activated the national security council" to deal with the situation.

2. (FTV news item) Ma Ying-Jeou "confirmed that he activated the national security council to handle the Taekwondo affair."

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, SY.