Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leninist Organization in Action: the Ad

Several months go I wrote about the formation of these "student groups." Very slick, eh? Obviously a lot of money behind this.
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SoCalExpat said...

I think you’re a little slow on this news. The OCAC has been actively indoctrinating American college students since 1926. For example, OCAC has brought thousands of Taiwanese American students to Taiwan for the past 40+ years to attend their summer study tour in Taiwan at great expense to the Taiwan government (free for the students). That the FAPA and FF student groups are modeled on OCAC (although on a much smaller scale as they are not backed financially by the TW govt) is no accident as many FAPA and FF members had gone through the OCAC program themselves as young people. As much as you dislike it, given the OCAC’s history and resources, I doubt it will be going away anytime soon.

Michael Turton said...

Thanks for the update, then!

Boyd R. Jones said...

It's hip! It's now! It's Leninist!

M said...

SoCalExpat. The summer camps are not free, it actually costs $20,000 to register. The program was originally organized by the China Youth Corps.
The China Youth Coprs and the summer camps for overseas Chinese combined leisure with political indoctrination. Now, most people only care about the former, hence the monkier "love boat"..

jerome in vals said...

Just listened, on WBUR-produced "On Point", to Tom Ashbrook's interview of Robert Kaplan:

Monsoon Asia’s Rise

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM EDT

Kaplan says the Indian Ocean region “may comprise a map as iconic to the new century as Europe was to the last one."


Anonymous said...

The organization is called TYPAN, and yes i do know of this notion, infact ASKED to join them.

I kindly declined, because of the notion of this group. On the front, it serves as a place to collect all Taiwanese in the same place. However, stubborn overly politicized people like us sees it the other way round (;

Based in Seattle