Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Links, Sept 13, 2010

Riding Kenting a few weeks ago....


NOT TAIWAN: Despite rising incomes caloric intake in India declines.
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Anonymous said...

Micheal, what would the PRC gain by reenacting the 3rd Reich or Imperial Japan?

The post WWII setup made it pretty obvious that the side that operates in (comparatively) friendly competition gains much more in the long run.

Michael Turton said...

It would gain nothing. But these things are driven by internal political considerations and the ruling party might gain quite a bit. That is why I always laugh at those commentators who argue that the PRC has nothing to gain from conflict. The PRC is not the actor we have to concern ourselves with; it's the CCP that scares me. In WWII Germany and Japan acted the way they did out of domestic considerations -- especially Japan. China reminds me a lot of Japan circa 1930 right now...


Anonymous said...

You got a point, in so far as you can never be quite certain how moderate and sensible the _next_ leader(ship) will be, especially in a dictatorship.

On the other hand, the (mental) state of the republican party in the US is quite scary too, isn't it?

Readin said...

"rethinking US commitment to taiwan" link had this to say right in th intrduction. "America’s support for what Beijing continues to regard as a renegade province is still likeliest to cause a future confrontation between the two greater powers."

It lost my attention right there. I was surprised Turton didn't point out the insanity of blaming US supply of defensive weapons for a Chinese decision to start a war.