Saturday, October 31, 2009

Events and Announcements

First, the meet up in Taipei, Nov 7, with a very special speaker. Then AmCham Taichung is having a walkathon on Nov 15.


The speaker for Breakfast Club on November 7th will be Joseph Wu, former Taiwan Representative in Wash. DC and now Research Fellow at the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi Univ.

His topic will be the DPP Perspective on Taiwan-China Relations. Q&A will follow. The venue is the same as it has been for the past months. Time is 10 am.

The meeting location is the restaurant 婷婷翠玉 at 174 AnHe Road, Section Two. (rough translation of name is Tender, Pretty Green Jade.) You will be able to tell the restaurant by the lace curtains on the window--it was used in a TV commercial a while back. (We will have the downstairs room--breakfast cost will range between NT$100 and NT$150. Phone if lost 2736-8510.

Restaurant is between Far Eastern Plaza Mall/Hotel and HePing East Road--about a half a block north of the corner of HePing East Road Sec. 3 and AnHe Road. or a half a block south of Far Eastern Plaza on the AnHe Road side.

Take the MRT Mucha Line to the Liuchangli Station exit there, and walk west on HePing East Road 3/4 of a block till you reach where AnHe Road dead-ends into it.Then go north on AnHe Road; it is a half a block up on the west side of that street.

Or take any bus down HePing East Road and get off at the first stop that is east of Tun Hua South Road. That will put you at the corner of HePing and AnHe.
You can also take a bus down Tun Hua South Road to the stop right across from Far Eastern Plaza and walk over to AnHe Road.
Or if you take the 235 bus east, it turns off of HePing onto AnHe Road and the first stop is right across from the restaurant.

To keep me abreast of headcount; please email me if you plan to attend.



Taichung Amcham KIDZ Charity Walkathaon 2009
Sunday November 15th 2009
Taichung Metropolitan Park

Each orphaned child requires NT$50,000 per semester to cover high school tuition fees, books and meals. With 19 children to support the need for funding is crucial.

It takes a village to raise a child and so this event aims to bring the people of Taichung together as a community to participate in a healthy and fun way to raise money for orphaned children. Supported by Mayor Hu and organized by us, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), we are looking for upwards of 1,000 walkers to join us in a walk through Taichung’s popular Metropolitan Park on November 15th 2009.

Each person who wishes to come and walk with us should try to raise as much money as they canfrom their friends, families and coworkers in support of them taking part in this event. The money raised will be used to fund the high school education of disadvantaged orphaned children at the Hsiang Shang Children’s Foundation which is based in Taichung.

We share the belief that education is very important to the future of any child. It is important to us to acknowledge that there are many children in our own community here in Taichung who are are at a serious disadvantage once they reach high school age. Therefore, we at AmCham aim to provide a brighter future for these and other children through our KIDZ Charity Program. It is also important to note that the costs to run this event are minimal and therefore, more than 96% of the money raised at this event will go directly to helping the foundation.

We hope you can come and be a part of this new and fresh idea to bring our community together and raise the funding needed to support these disadvantaged children and give them the future that they need and deserve.

If you wish to take part in this walkathon please email us
For more information
Keep update with other AmCham event at

Daily Links
  • Pashan's threefive-day hike in the central mountains is so great, I'm linking again. The 3000 meter peaks of central Taiwan with stunning pics (including one cute weasel): one, two, three. Read every one, the hike is amazing.
  • Seoul Times commentary: total propaganda. Do not read while sober.
  • Buddhist group gets people to donate cadavers for medical training.
  • European Chamber here says Taiwan should sign ECFA since after that everyone will want agreements with it.
  • Asian Correspondent, with commentary, news, and posts from all over, has been launched.
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Dwayne Elizondo said...

Add a link for Joseph Wu to ponder:

It is Japan we should be worrying about, not America

I remember reading an analysis a few years ago that said the real mother of all financial shitstorms will start in Asia, most likely from Japan. I have a feeling that day is soon coming.