Monday, November 02, 2009

Daily Links, Nov 2, 2009

What's moving about the blogs today?
MEDIA: Great article in the Jerusalem Post on travel here. President Ma fortunately unhurt when smoke pours from plane after domestic flight. Taiwan to review Chinese investment rules for Taiwan by year's end. Guantanamo detainees go to Bermuda, a Taiwan ally. Jonathon Adams on the scandals in Taiwan baseball. 20,000 march in LGBT parade. China blocks visit of former VP Annette Lu to Cairo. Undergrad seeking nude models sparks controversy -- Oscar Wilde was so dead on when he said that selfishness is not living how you want, but forcing others to live how you want. Ming Chuan U builds campus in Kinmen to attract Chinese students. Chinese spouses want work rights in Taiwan. TSMC to build two new fabs in Taiwan. National Council of Churches in Taiwan to hold cross-strait forum in Nov. Scientists discover that Tatun Mountain outside Taipei is probably still active. Good thing Taiwan put two nuke plants on one side of the mountain, eh? Taiwanese with terminal illnesses pioneer "living funerals" in advance of their deaths. Eastern Washington's awesome Taiwan. Government says it will make airport, ports into corporations. KMT Central Standing Committee members resign en masse over allegations of bribery in the party election. Two of the members even had their KMT membership revoked. Who cares? Morakot and overfishing: only 25% of Orchid Island corals still alive. Income taxes to fall next year.

AWARDS AND EVENTS: Taiwanderful is organizing the annual Taiwan Blog Awards. Taiwanderful is a community website managed by David Reid and Gilad Feldman. David is the author of the popular Taiwan blog, David on Formosa. Gilad, based in Hong Kong, blogs about Asia at Fili's World. Register your blog there by Dec 1 to get in on the action!

Also, Jerome's monthly meet up is Saturday the 7th.

REFERENCES: An entire chapter on Taiwanese labor in the Japanese empire is online in this Google book on Labor in the Japanese Empire in WWII. Enjoy!
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Rhonda needs to make new friends. She seems like a thoughtful girl, and she's cute too. She just isn't meeting the right crowds is all. Lots of opportunities for someone like her, whether in the US or in Taiwan.