Thursday, October 08, 2009

Breaking: SC says Chen Detention unnecessary =UPDATED=

This just in: Taiwan's highest court ruled today that the detention of former President Chen is unnecessary. How this will play out politically and judicially should be fascinating..... stay tuned.

UPDATED: Nope, forces of sanity won't prevail, detention to continue.
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Robert Scott Kelly said...

What took you so long to blog on this? ;) But the Supreme Court did not decide it was unecessary. Rather that the Higher Court had not made a compelling argument and had to rehear Chen's appeal. Godh, looks like I picked the wrong weekend to give up reading blogs. LOL.

BTW, where is the pic from? Dahu? Love that area, especially Taian hot springs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Micheal , I like these blogs you wrote about hiking , and these beauiful pictures of Taiwan.
But found recently here are all about political things.
Really miss how beautiful you explored Taiwan,and these amazing photos.

Have you think about to let these readers who don't support DDP can also enjoy your blog a little?

Michael Turton said...

Elizabeth, I am biking more, because hiking didn't have the health effects that I wanted. I miss those posts too, though. I will try to do some more walking in the future.

I've stopped blogging on the university and PHD, don't want to create trouble, so politics seems to have become the main theme here.

Anonymous said...


I have really not seen much for Michael "supporting" the DPP as much as opposing all that is wrong with the KMT/PRC.

Unfortunately, the DPP is the real only viable political force that opposes the KMT, so I can see how you might see advocacy. Still I wouldn't read opposition to the KMT necessarily as support for the DPP. It is simply opposing many, but not all, of the programs and ideology of Chinese nationalism, which is completely understandable. Even people who have supported the KMT could and should oppose them at this juncture.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Turton, have you tried hiking-up
at Fenchihu's Tatung Mountain?