Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Links, October 12, 2009

Found these signs the other day. Deep water? Hardly. No littering? The stream bed and banks are made of ugly concrete shapes. No water sports in typhoon? Puh-lease. Meanwhile, what's drifting on the blogs today?
MEDIA: Wretch is now largest social networking site in Taiwan. KMT expels seven members who ran as independent candidates. Don't worry, local factions have plenty of uncles, brothers, and wives to take their place. The Water Resources Agency continues to blame the 500 people of Hsaiolin for being buried in a landslide. The DPP says it has no plans to invite the leader of the Falun Gong to Taiwan, which is good, since the NSC won't let him in. Taipei Times says local factions will hurt Ma's clean image. Not a chance. Did you know that the government reimburses legislators for the number of votes they get at NT$30 a vote? Ground broken for Taichung metro. Somebody finally discovers that pay in Taiwan universities is awful: Taiwan is lowest among Asian dragons. Boat Burning in Taiwan (Taiwan Today, Online WSJ).

SPECIAL: NHK documentary on Japan's colonial rule in Taiwan sparks controversy led by local Paiwan people.

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Anonymous said...

Thats Taiwan for you, the cover pages are full of CGI Rape Illustrations and occasionally a corpse, but you sure as hell will never see a nipple here...

Aoede said...

? So if it's manmade, you're allowed to litter? o.O Your logic, I do not see it.