Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Next Meet Up: Oct 17

Jerome announces next meeting: short notice -- it is this Saturday!!!! Notify Jerome if you are going: "Jerome Keating Ph.D." ,


To all,
This is short notice for a meeting this coming Saturday, but a special speaker has just happend to be in town for a week.

He is
Dr Nicola Casarini
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
European University Institute
and his topic is 'Taiwan in EU-China Relations'

Dr. Casarini has recently published a new book
"Remaking Global Order: the Evolution of Europe-China Relations
and its Implications for East Asia and the United States"

To reference it go to You can check it out at the following website: http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199560073.do.

Dr. Casarini will address how Taiwan fits into that equation.

The time is 10:00 AM

The venue is back to our normal breakfast place.
The meeting location is the restaurant 婷婷翠玉 at 174 AnHe Road, Section Two. (rough translation of name is Tender, Pretty Green Jade.) You will be able to tell the restaurant by the lace curtains on the window--it was used in a TV commercial a while back. (We will have the downstairs room--breakfast cost will range between NT$100 and NT$200. Phone if lost 2736-8510.

Restaurant is between Far Eastern Plaza Mall/Hotel and HePing East Road--about a half a block north of the corner of HePing East Road Sec. 3 and AnHe Road. or a half a block south of Far Eastern Plaza on the AnHe Road side.

Take the MRT Mucha Line to the Liuchangli Station exit there, and walk west on HePing East Road 3/4 of a block till you reach where AnHe Road dead-ends into it.Then go north on AnHe Road; it is a half a block up on the west side of that street.

Or take any bus down HePing East Road and get off at the first stop that is east of Tun Hua South Road. That will put you at the corner of HePing and AnHe.
You can also take a bus down Tun Hua South Road to the stop right across from Far Eastern Plaza and walk over to AnHe Road.
Or if you take the 235 bus east, it turns off of HePing onto AnHe Road and the first stop is right across from the restaurant.
(There may be some construction in front of the restaurant--remember a year or so ago we replaced the square sidewalk blocks with long rectangular ones;
now it seems we are replacing the long rectangular ones with square ones--don't ask me, I just pay my taxes.)

I know this is short notice, but please let me know if you plan to be there so I have an idea of the headcount.

Two good future speakers to finish out the year:
Dr. Joseph Wu, Taiwan's previous representative in Wash. DC will speak on "Taiwan and its Sovereignty Issues."
Also another friend James Spencer who had worked for Christies Auction House and is now curator in charge of the Chang Foundation Collection of Chinese Art;
James will speak on "Collecting Chinese Art".


"Jerome Keating Ph.D." ,
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Julian said...

Sorry for the random comment, but I just came across this post and was wondering if it's free for most anyone to just drop in. I'm a former Poli-Sci student, so this sort of subject interests me, and I'd like to come check it out if it's an open invitation.