Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kaohsiung Film Festival to Screen "Ten Conditions of Love"

I'm using the AFP report, which is a classic AFP compilation:
The Kaohsiung Film Festival in the island's second largest city is scheduled to show "Ten Conditions of Love" on the World Uighur Congress leader Rebiya Kadeer, said organiser Liu Hsiu-ying.

"We selected Kadeer's film because it fits one of this year's themes -- 'people power.' Our goal is to promote arts and culture, we hope people will not see it from a political angle," Liu told AFP.

More than 70 films from around the world are scheduled to be screened at the festival between October 16-29, she said, adding it was a coincidence that none of them was from China.
Cue the world media: can't wait to hear all the commentary on how "immature" the Taiwan opposition is, how it "riles" Beijing. And how "restrained" Beijing is because of the "warming ties." Because when you show films, you're immature, but when you butcher people by the thousand in Tibet, you're being statesmanlike.

The AFP article is a classic. The remainder consists of 6 sentences/paragraphs, five of which directly give Beijing's view of things, without any balancing information or viewpoints. I think AFP would save itself a ton of cash if it just closed down its China offices and sourced everything from Xinhua.
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Anonymous said...

I must protest at your inclusion of the Israel/Taiwan link. The comparison does not flatter Taiwan, since Israel is an avowedly colonial state whereas Taiwan is seeking to emancipate itself from a colonial heritage. The article in question is doubly pernicious because it is written by your classic fifth-column Zionist jew-traitor in the US.

Stefan said...

Poor Beijing - always offended because Taiwan doesn't unconditionally surrender. It makes you want to go and pat there backs ... there, there little Beijing. (I do hope that wasn't offensive to the PRC government? I'd hate to have forced them to build another missile to feel better.)

One has to admire the wisdom of the AFP writers, however. They've found a way to let the Taiwanese keep their democratic rights and still not offend the PRC: just don't use these rights in any way, and you are fine.

Thomas said...

I think that creating a real shadow cabinet which would propose workable Taiwan-centric solutions for the island would be a much better use of the energies of the greens at the moment.

Tim Maddog said...

The 8:45 PM anonymous commenter obviously didn't read what Michael wrote right next to the link:
- - -
Disclaimer: I don't agree with everything I link to.
- - -

Tim Maddog

Readin said...

"Israel, Taiwan, and the UN Disclaimer: I don't agree with everything I link to."

Too bad they were stuck in the ROC propaganda and kept calling Taiwan "Chinese". Otherwise the article was excellent and the overall the good far outweighed the bad. It should be required reading for anyone interested in U.S. policy.