Monday, September 14, 2009

Daily Links, Sept 14, 2009

My man Michael Klein cruises on the bike trails near Yung-an Fishing port seated comfortably in his recumbent bike.

The news was dominated by the sentencing of Chen Shui-bian this week. Despite that, there's plenty of other stuff going on.
MEDIA: Taiwan boat detained by Japan in Senkakus. Another view of India-Chinese relations, some weird comments about Taiwan too, and India detains a Chinese cargo plane loaded with weapons. Danny Pang, the Madoff of Taiwan, dies at 42, no foul play suspected. By keeping prices up, Taiwan's three big bike makers hold the line on revenues even as sales fall by double digits. Vegas in the Taiwan Strait: Penghu gambling referendum. Ma save us! Taiwan export decline outstrips Asian rivals. Prosecutors mull more charges against Chen Shui-bian, apparently a ploy to keep him in detention while they look for evidence for the new charges. Low-lying areas in Taiwan to be submerged by the end of the century, warns academic. New Philippine airline puts Taiwan on its lists of destinations. Ordinarily I don't have much respect for Frank Ching's pro-China views, but this time all credit to him for mentioning that Ma and Beijing conducted talks over how to respond to the Dalai Lama's visit, something most of the mainstream press ignored. RealClearWorld has serious problems with its Taiwan coverage. Epoch Times says that Taiwan judiciary is independent of any party. Hey media? Tom Friedman writes crap like this, and you still employ him? No wonder you're losing readers. Taiwan-China MOU could be as early as next month. KMT also plans to extend current county chief terms one year. Most are KMT.... Washington Post says Arunachal Pradesh is "disputed Indian state." Can we stop giving credence to China's territorial ambitions, please? Taitung county magistrate will not be indicted for corruption for tax-payer funded trips to Europe. Aborigines request resettlement plans be suspended.
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阿牛 said...

first link is off, goes to epoch times ;)

Anonymous said...

Danny Pang, the Madoff of Taiwan, dies at 42, no foul play suspected.

NO FOUL PLAY? Gimme a break, dude. It was suicide! Can't people read between the lines anymore? Suicide, pal.

SY said...

Some of our fellow blog visitors may have caught these two pieces, but, it doesn't hurt to spread them:

1. The young (deaf) girl chosen to walk out on stage with Christine Chow (wife of Ma Ying-Jeou) at the end of the Taipei Deaflympics opening ceremony said in an interview that she thought that Chow is "not good" ("不好"). Upon being told by the journalist that it's wrong ("不行", a forbidding expression to young children) for her to say so under the circumstances (being in front of camera), she said that she didn't like holding hands (not clear, whether specifically with Chow, or generally so).

Then, the journalist asked her for her opinion about Ma Ying-Joeu. She said outright: "I think that Ma Ying-Joeu did not rescue/help people (victims of typhoon Morakot )" ("我覺得...馬英九沒有救人").

Literally, it took an innocent young child to point out a well-clouded but very simple fact: "The king is naked!"

If we all could be true to the heart we were born with!!!

This is a footnote worthy noting by historians.

YouTube video dated Sept 4 (see 1:00-1:36):

2. The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press just released an annual poll result: "News media's credibility plunges to new low".

63% of respondents think that the info in the media is "often off base".

This was take up by most media outlets. The AP piece at Washingtonpost's site =

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes.