Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Links, Sept 22, 2009

Welcome to But Well company.

It's the first couple of weeks of classes and I've been on a whirlwind tour of the island every day. Apologies for the light blogging. Links!
MEDIA: Global Peace Index has US at 83rd, Taiwan a lot higher. Gavan McCormack on Okinawa's last 400 years. Carnegie Endowment says China's growth is for real. Local Paiwan people start a school for witchcraft in southern Taiwan. Singapore on the Chen case. DPP's Tsai on the ECFA pact. Taipei Times on admitting Chinese students to local universities. Taiwan's IT competitiveness falls due to its deteriorating R&D environment. Government to take over HSR as Chairman resigns -- essentially the HSR is now a failed project to run on subsidies. But yesterday government still denied this -- note that HSR chief position is going to Ma confidante Ou Chin-der. Taiwan wants to put 96 year old man in jail for squatting in government-owned housing, a double outrage, since many individuals illegally occupy government property but nothing is done. Sixty villages to be relocated after Morakot. New Econ minister says no change in local DRAM bailout. Sun Moon Lake swim draws record number of participants. No really? -- consumers foundation complains about a lack of info on tourist spots.
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Think I'll start taking the slow train or bus to points south. With the government now taking over and maintainting a system that travels at 300km per hour, I'd probably be taking my life in my hands.

Dwayne Elizondo said...

If interested, there are a couple of cool sat images of typhoon Morakot damage here. If you look closely you can see the hotel that crashed into the river in the "hotel" picture. More sat pics