Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FORMOSA BETRAYED screening schedule + Sept 25th Conference

This schedule for Formosa Betrayed was sent around...can we get it out here BEFORE the election in December? Pretty please?


If you were hoping to see FORMOSA BETRAYED at the San Diego Film Festival on September 26th, we are now officially sold out! You can still get into this screening at SDFF by buying a Saturday Day Pass for $49. This would also get you into all the festivities and other films for the entire day! You can purchase them here:


This is going to be a great event followed by a Q&A with Producer/Writer/Actor Will Tiao, director Adam Kane, Costume Designer Karyn Wagner and actors James Van Der Beek, Leslie Hope and Adam Wang.


DC Asian Pacific American Festival tickets for our screening on October 3rd are now on sale! Purchase them here:


Tickets are on sale for $8 each or a discounted rate of $7 each if bought in a group of 5 or more. This screening is going to sell out fast, so please buy your tickets ASAP! Also, let us know if you're coming by RSVP-ing to this group event!



Philadelphia Asian Film Festival tickets for our screening on October 10th will be on sale soon! Keep checking their website:



Lastly, for those of you in SoCal that couldn't make it to the SD screening, have no fear! We are also showing at the prestigious Hollywood Film Festival taking place at the ArcLight theaters in Hollywood on October 24th! Tickets go on sale at the ArcLight Cinemas website on October 12th. Mark your calendars, because this screening is guaranteed to sell out FAST!

Thanks again for all your support at these festivals and please spread the word! We look forward to seeing you there! :)


In addition to the movie, September 25 there is a conference on truth and reconciliation in Taiwan:

The Formosa Foundation and Formosan Association for Public Affairs
Towards Truth and
Reconciliation in Taiwan
In cooperation with the
Chen Wen-cheng Memorial Foundation
and the Formosan Association for Human Rights
Friday, September 25, 2009
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
National Press Club
First Amendment Lounge
529 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20045

An all star lineup of speakers will talk on two topics: Taiwan's transition to democracy (Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Thomas P Hughes, Fulton Armstrong, and Gerrit Van Der Wees), and its implications for today (Ed Friedman, Terri Giles, Arthur Waldron, and Jerome Cohen).
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PS said...

I tried to download this movie a few weeks ago [I'm in Tainan].

I've download a lot of things, and haven't had any virus problems for several years. First file from this movie, and my computer was infected.


Anonymous said...

PS - Bases on the reviews, you haven't missed much. Most impartial reviewers are saying the acting (with the exception of van der Beek) ranges from mediocre to terrible.

Anonymous said...

I've download a lot of things, and haven't had any virus problems for several years. First file from this movie, and my computer was infected.

the tiny authoritarian on my left shoulder, waving its baton, says that you deserve it, downloading from sources of dubious legal nature.
the tiny hippie on my right shoulder, radiant with flower power, says that it is a conspiracy designed to harm the freedom of speech and the sharing of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Variety, which has seasoned reviewers, calls it a "decent political thriller."


Anonymous said...

Yeah if Variety has postive things to say, then it's definitely worth a good look.

Anonymous said...

Given the unlikelihood of a widespread distributor picking this film up at this late date (most large distributors pick up a film even before it starts production and in fact will advance some of the production costs), a download is probably the way most of us will ever be able to see it.

I doubt Wu Li Pei ever expected to make money when he decided to pursue his dream of a TI themed feature film, he clearly did this as an evangelical endeavor (think "Inchon" by Rev. Moon and "Battlefield Earth" by Travolta). Therefore, I think he should just offer this film for free on the web.

Sean Reilly said...

Any idea how one could see this film in Taiwan, without trashing my already fragile computer?

Will there be a screening here in some darkened basement, with lookouts posted at the alleyways and Groucho Marx glasses passed out free to everyone before they leave the makeshift cinema?

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be a young Mr. Ma hiding behind the Pentax in the official trailer or merely a composite character made up from many different former professional students?

Does the young Ma character develop at all during the film? He hasn't seemed to while in office.

Anonymous said...

To the anon who said most movies are picked up by a distributor prior to production, haven't you heard of something called independent movies? Indies for short? Slumdog Millionaire did not have any distributor attached to it while it was filmed, and it gained attention and praise through film festivals. Many film makers do this.

I was able to get away to San Diego over the weekend to catch the movie, and I loved it. Plus I've looked for reviews by people unfamiliar with Taiwan, and it touches them as well. I definitely hope that the movie gets picked up for distribution. Until then, I'll be waiting for the Hollywood Festival!

Anonymous said...

FB now has a major distributor (Screen Media)! US release Feb 10th 2010!

- A reader