Friday, May 20, 2016

Presidential Office Livestream Link

Link for Presidential office livestream of the ceremony today
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Anonymous said...

Why couldn't they have included subtitles for the speech?! :(

Jenna Lynn Cody said...

I know it's a bit late but this may help

Anonymous said...

Found the transcript

Interesting phrases, not sure what to make of them...

"... In 1992, the two institutions representing each side across the Strait (SEF & ARATS), through communication and negotiations, arrived at various joint acknowledgements and understandings..."

I guess we all wondered what President Tsai would say about the 1992 stuff. I guess she tried to make statements that were simply factual.

'...It was done in a spirit of mutual understanding and a political attitude of seeking common ground while setting aside differences. I respect this historical fact."

I guess there is a big difference between acknowledging what spirit may be, and what the outcome was.

"...The new government will conduct cross-Strait affairs in accordance with the Republic of China Constitution, the Act Governing Relations Between the People of Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, and other relevant legislation..."

Poor President Tsai, being handed a messed up constitution, oh well, maybe now she'll have the power to get this mess cleaned up.

"...The two governing parties across the Strait must set aside the baggage of history, and engage in positive dialogue, for the benefit of the people on both sides...."

Interested choice of words, "governing parties", I thought the whole debate before was that the CPP and KMT were meeting and signing agreements as political parties and not government authorities(?) I know saying "..the two governments across..." would have fired up China, but hey, when does anything not fire them up? what are other's peoples thoughts on this?

"...By existing political foundations, I refer to a number of key elements. The first element is the fact of the 1992 talks between the two institutions representing each side across the Strait (SEF & ARATS), when there was joint acknowledgement of setting aside differences to seek common ground. This is a historical fact..."

1992 certainly got a lot of airtime in the speech. Is President Tsai taking a leaf out of the US policy rule book and using the word "acknowledge..." to dance around any misinterpretation of being seen as agreeing?

Analysis of the speech in the coming days should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Also there is an English sub-title version on youtube:

Anonymous said...

I am increasingly dismayed by how close the DPP is moving towards the KMT on Cross-Strait policy. What did I support the DPP for?

Anonymous said...

Tsai can not rock the boat right now but she can initiate the reform that will ultimately set Taiwan free from the ROC zombie. Internal and external condition are both not suitable for making big move now. At least US is waking up from the the fantasy that China is an ally. South China sea problem is giving Taiwan an opportunity. We should be glad that South China Sea problem did not start when Ma took office.

New Power Party is Tsai's hedge against DPP decays into KMT. Support the NPP and DPP will decay slower.

Anonymous said...

People who worry about DPP should take a look at this picture:

30 years ago Cheng Nan-jung wanted to march to the presidential office. He died before that happen. On 5/20, his picture was publicly carried to presidential palace. People of Taiwan does not forget about the sacrifice for liberty and democracy. DPP will get discarded if they dare to turn their back on the democratic ideal.