Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blast from the Past + Links

The image above shows US pilots strafing near the Confucius Temple in Changhua (Google maps). A close friend posted to Facebook:
American pilots strafing Changhua near the Confucius Temple in Changhua.
When I lived in Hemei, in Changhua County my boss' husband was a KMT politician, and he liked to take me out drinking with his constituents. One night we were drinking 蒸餾酒 (I'm guessing at the characters, I had no clue then. It was moonshine made from grapes from near Fengyuan I was told, and 60% or higher alcohol) with a guy who walked with a limp. Turns out the guy had been hit by an American bomb, and one of his legs was all torn up. He also had to drop out of school, so never finished his education. He didn't seem to bear any ill will towards Americans, though.
Lots of people around like that....
Daily Links:
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Unknown said...

Some good links there. However, one criticism.

The News Lens for some reason is setting its text with line breaks in the middle of a word, as in 'pe' followed by 'rformance' or 'r' followed by 'eceive'. Tried it in various mobile / desktop browsers, but to no avail.

Perhaps a temporary technical fault...or maybe need to fine-tune the browser rendering chaps?

TaiwanJunkie said...


Let's not forget this piece of gem where Tsai is messing up 8 years of calm by setting up a bunch of unnerving conditions for poor China.

Grant said...

Seems like the DPP legislature is acting more professional and competent then tthe previous ones, though not a tough benchmark to beat.

They're also probably all scared shitless because they actually have to perform now.