Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ketagalan: Lee Teng-hui needs a Nobel, Taiwanese community!

Ketagalan published me this week...

"For a critical twelve years, from January of 1988 to March of 2000, the presidency of the Republic of China on Taiwan was held by one of the twentieth century’s greatest statesmen, Lee Teng-hui, widely considered the father of Taiwan’s democracy. Lee fostered a transition from an authoritarian one-party state to a vibrant democracy in one of the world’s key technology economies. It’s a tribute to the power of Taiwan’s isolation and obscurity that Lee continues to be denied his rightful place in 20th century history alongside other heroes of democracy such as Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar...."

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Jenna Cody said...

I don't even dislike Lee Teng-hui but Nelson Mandela he is not.

The Taiwanese people are the fathers and mothers of Taiwanese democracy, not any one given leader.

But I suspect you'd agree!

Michael Turton said...

Yeah, I see it as a Nobel for the whole community.

an angry taiwanese said...

The Taiwanese people are the fathers and mothers of Taiwanese democracy, not any one given leader.
Well said, rightly so.Taiwanese don't give damned shit to any politicians who loft themselves as fathers or mothers of our freedom, but are glad to do such a thing if they wag their pricks over their heads 太ㄏㄧㄠˊ掰

Anonymous said...

I agree Lee Teng-hui deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and it would be great for Taiwan as well.

Anonymous said...

Lee helped to promote democracy but direct vote would have happened as DDP was getting stronger anyway. No, there are people who deserve a Nobel Peace Prize more - Lee did not suffer (for example gone to jail) for promoting democracy.

Anonymous said...

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