Monday, May 09, 2016

Formal Announcement of Thinking Taiwan's closing

Two of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen.

A sad and shortsighted decision (original link). Now, more than ever, Taiwan and Tsai need voices to explain what is going on to an outside world whose discourses are dominated by Beijing frames.


TTF'S English Website Suspended Effective May 20, 2016

Following Dr. Tsai’s election to the Office of the President last January, and as part of TTF’s overall post election reorganizational plan, the English section of Thinking Taiwan ( website will be suspended effective May 20, 2016.

On behalf of TTF’s board and management, we like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our readers and contributors out there, for your kindest and diligent support over the past two years. You are an integral part of TTF’s highly distinguished international community, and we thank you for that.

Our special thank goes to our editor-in-chief J. Michael Cole for his accomplishment in building the highly acclaimed TTF English website. We are especially appreciative for his knowledge and insights of Taiwan’s affairs and his care for the people of Taiwan. We wish him every success in all his future endeavors.

While majority of the website will be suspended, the TAIWAN INSIDER (, a weekly newsletter will continue to keep readers abreast of events in Taiwan.

Thinking Taiwan Foundation
Angela Chang – CEO
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Anonymous said...

Now Cole is free to be Tsai's English secretary. :P

an angry taiwanese said...

my anger is increasingly turning toward tsai.
many deep green supporters are like me after her election.
shuting down thinking taiwan is one of many shits she throws at her suppoeters.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Angry Taiwanese, you seem to think Tsai personally ordered Thinking Taiwan to be shut down........

Anonymous said...

And yet Tsai recommends Black Island as a must read... and specifically mentioned Cole as the editor in chief for the English edition of Thinking Taiwan... on China Times, of all places, even if it's the interviewer who picked the lines to write down...


an angry taiwanese said...

She is resoonsible.
Talking to more deep greeners, you will find out Tsai is raking in the hatred that is Ma's now.
After 520 inauguration, her approval rate will plunge abysmally among Taiwanese.
As soon as Taiwanese tag her as Chinese, it would be a trivial task for her to come back.
Unfortunately she seems to have decided to go there by appointing Lin Quan 林全 as the head of executive ministers.