Monday, August 03, 2015

Climbing through the weekend

Aboriginal inhabitants? What aboriginal inhabitants? Han-centric history is just one aspect of Taiwan's Han-centric thinking.

This week did some wonderful rides out of my Taichung base, stretching my injured legs a bit. Felt good. Thursday went the length of Baguashan and down Fengbai Road into Ershui. Saturday did the awesome ride through the Nantou tea areas on the 149, 212, and 151 to the 162A with its spectacular descent. Sunday went back to an old favorite of mine, Pinglin Road. Come below the break to enjoy...

A pineapple wholesale market on the 139, with an auction stand to the right.

The Temple at the top of Fengbai Road is a major tourist site, and shops decked out in kitsch line the road.

Drying gourds in hygienic conditions by the side of the road.

Some excellent views from the big temple there.

Coming down Fengbai Road, which is steep, untrafficked, and covered with debris.

Egrets, which fear everything, following a tractor through a field.

Saturday we did the tea farms in Nantou. An easy way to access this area is to ride the train to Ershui, then bike the last 15 kms to Jhushan. Otherwise it is 55 kms of crap roads through Nantou to Jhushan. This area is full of lovely roads.

The 149 follows a river gorge south. One of my favorite roads.

I was grabbing a pic of this hunting bird, when Merican Teachr, riding with me, pointed out that a little bird was dive bombing it.

Contemplating new waterworks below Tungtou town.

The 149 winds up through tea and betel nut.

An old shrine.

The 212-1 is now being developed with the kind of places that have "eco-" in the name.

It's always a good day when I see a stick insect.

Tea farms on the 212-1.

A farmer on his way to a field.

Although you are one the 151-1 and presumably need directions somewhere, this map does not actually show the 151-1. LOL.

The views of the gorges on the other side of the valley are amazing. Too bad it was so hazy.

Of course, the ride is topped off with this wonderful descent.

Sunday was a ride on an old favorite, Pinglin Road between Jhuolan and Nanhu in Miaoli.

Merican Teachr speeds off into the hills.

Millions of dollars worth of pigeons.

In addition to the hotel on the right, someone is fish farming on the left where you might be able to barely make out the nets. In a water conservation area for the reservoir. I didn't image the new developments going in on the other side. Since it's Miaoli, there's no sense in even complaining.

We stopped atop the 3 for slushies and the lovely views out over Jhuolan. Another great weekend of riding finished...
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Mike Fagan said...

As soon as I saw "Pinglin road" before the break I had instant recall. That is indeed a nice little road which, among other things, takes you to the hydroelectric power station on the diversion channel for Liyutan reservoir. You can also leave Pinglin road to get up to the main site for the power station up in the hills and the surge tanks above that.

The "waterworks" you were looking in image 9 is actually the new intake weir for Hushan reservoir just outside Douliu. It is the largest one of its kind in Taiwan - as is the new dam (by volume) on the other side of the hills, though the reservoir will be "medium" in size compared to the other reservoirs.

Mark said...

A wonderland of never ending roads.