Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mid-week links

Ponies for bringing in the crowds on weekends.They park them in front of a local restaurant/cafe.

Too lazy to blog, too rainy to ride. I think I'll just go sink some battleships in World of Warships. Meanwhile, enjoy some links...
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Anonymous said...

Regarding "...KMTitanic: President Ma Ying-jeou and Vice President Wu Den-yi to stump for KMT candidate Hung Hsiu-chu. This is because she wasn't unpopular enough on her own..."

Is it possible that whenever there is any rumor of Hung stepping aside, someone in the green camp publicly broadcasts it to force the KMT go on the defense to deny the rumor?

I mean, of course the KMT could decide to drop Hung, but if they do surely they need to do it on their terms on their schedule.

But I am thinking it would pain them grievously for such a strategy to be gazumped by an outside force, especially a pan-green force where it could be perceived that the greens are calling the shots and are controlling the blue camp's moves.

Just a thought.

Michael Turton said...

I dont think they will dump her.

les said...

I think there are a few situations which might force KMT's hand. One would be Wang Jin-ping threatening to join PFP. That would put the nail in Hung's coffin anyway, so KMT might be inclined to choose another candidate over her to keep Wang from defecting and taking his Bentu faction with him.
Eric Chu is again saying he won't change his mind about running.

Scott said...

Thanks for posting the link to the archived images at Lafayette College Libraries.

After looking through some of the images in the 1914 Japanese War against the Truku collection, I looked through the collection of images (mostly negatives) taken in 1938 mostly by Rella Warner, wife of Gerald Warner, American Consul to Taiwan in the late 1930s. I recall seeing most of this collection some years ago, but there were some new ones that I had not seen before.

One of the most interesting was a photo of Rella sitting in a car parked in front of Longshan temple (Monga district of Taipei). The car is parked in front of a very large billboard with a map of China and Taiwan. The map shows all of the areas so far occupied by Japanese forces.

One other photo that I hadn't seen before is a view looking northeast, taken from the 2nd floor of the American Consulate. This building is still there on Zhongshan North Road. This is "Taipei Spot", the 'art-house' cinema (光點台北, 台北之家). Anyway, the view of the open fields across Zhongshan North road will be interesting to anybody who knows that section of the city now.