Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Services Struggle

With the new legislative session slated to begin, the KMT and DPP struggle over the services pact. The situation is the same as it usually is -- the DPP wants the bill to be reviewed piece by piece, the KMT wants it up for a vote as a single package. The pact was actually passed last June but no date of implementation was set, meaning that the legislature can still prevent it from coming into force. ECFA, despite all the promises from the neoliberal crowd, has been a colossal failure for all but the rich and for organized crime; ordinary people have seen little or nothing. This has only increased suspicion of the services pact. If it comes into force soon, and has the same effect that ECFA has had, then it will negatively impact the KMT's 2016 election prospects.....
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1 comment:

Jerome Besson said...

Ma has been telling them off time and again.
But the poor things could not understand that their master's concerns was not theirs
Ma first humiliated the DPP through his horrendous treatment of CSB
But the DPPuppets could not figure it out.
Lately, Ma embarrassed that skilled operator, the Taiwanese KMTer WJP.
But that loyal lapdog could not understand why he deserved a good kick.

Draw your conclusions, 台客 (taike)
This level of promiscuous entanglement between the occupier and the occupied looks obscene.
The Chinese this side of the strait are telling you: this a Chankoro thing, quit meddling.

When will the klutzes grow up.