Sunday, February 02, 2014

Will China become less bellicose if it is a democracy?

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I was reading the Taipei Times editorializing on the history textbook issue (quality of editorials has plummeted since J Michael Cole has left) and noticed its stance on the Senkakus:
The Japanese government’s decision that its students should be taught that Dokdo, which is governed by Seoul, and the Diaoyutais, which belong to Taiwan but are governed by Tokyo, all belong to Japan, is untenable legally and in the face of international realities.
Some argue that if China becomes a democracy it will cease to be expansionist. Hmmm... certainly that has not been the case with some other large democracies I could name. But here in Taiwan we have an example of a democratic government in the Chinese cultural sphere -- and the major pro-Taiwan paper writes ahistorical crap like "Taiwan owns the Senkakus". A puny but nominally democratic government, without much military, nevertheless insists on claiming its neighbors' territories, including -- formally -- all of China. Because it thinks it is China. So... how will China behave?

Can the Taipei Times be more critical of these claims?
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