Saturday, April 27, 2013

UPDATED: Someone is unhappy about a recent fisheries agreement

Taiwan's chickens are awesome. When Kenji spoke to these black meat chickens in Japanese, they understood and came right over.

Someone is Officially Not Happy over the recent fisheries agreement between Tokyo and Taipei. The CNA reports on the Japan Times:
China dispatched over 40 warplanes to join eight surveillance vessels in trying to prevent a flotilla of Japanese nationalists from landing on the disputed Diaoyutai Islands on April 23, according to a Japanese media report.

Previous foreign reports had only mentioned that the simultaneous presence of eight Chinese maritime surveillance vessels in the region were the most since tensions over the uninhabited island chain escalated last September.
....pressure is on.

UPDATE: China has now officially declared the Senkakus a "core interest" (link)(NHK):
Chunying made the comment after General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, in Tokyo said that Chinese officials repeatedly told him during his visit to Beijing earlier in the week that the Senkakus are "one of China's core interests," the report said. 

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yankdownunder said...

Ishihara is right!!

Japan needs to build something,anything on one of the islands.

This will not be resolved by doing nothing.

And if Japan never intends to use them they should just give them away.

Japan's SDF and USFJ should hold some drills that include these islands. Let's see if China will send planes in the middle of a joint exercise. Or if Chinese boats
will try to prevent a landing on the islands by joint forces. said...

"Mainland" tries to hit fly and tiger by one push. If there is the different "mainland" export area - it could be a "wise push".
But nowadays "mainland" is weak as "mainland" can't feed 3 000 000 000 people.
... a game "on nerves" for Taiwan, but not Japan.

yankdownunder said...

India asks China to pull back troops in Ladakh

An Indian official quoted by the Associated Press news agency said Chinese troops had strayed 10km (six miles) into Indian territory on 15 April and put up tents in the Depsang valley in Ladakh in eastern Kashmir.

China dismissed reports of the incursion on Monday as media speculation.

Is Ladakh on China's "core interest" list?

Readin said...

"Is Ladakh on China's "core interest" list?"


yankdownunder said...

China starts tour of disputed Paracel Islands

A Chinese company has launched a tour of a group of islands at the center of a territorial dispute between China and Vietnam.

Tours to Senkakus will start ???