Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just a short Rift Valley Biking Note

West side of the Rift Valley, Jhuofu Industry Rd. Didn't have any decent cameras with me, just the cellphone. 

Did another three day bike vacation this weekend. We started in Hualien, rode down the sweet 193 on the east side of the Rift Valley to Yuli, then on day 2 we rode down the west side of the Rift Valley out of Yuli on what I've come to believe is one of the most enjoyable stretches of road on the island, the Zhuofu Industry Road between Yuli and the 20A. Here is a map:

The road runs down the west side of the Rift Valley, the higher end is at the south, where it becomes Nanxing Rd just before it runs into the 20A. It's slightly rolling but always climbing up a very lazy grade if you go south from Yuli (if you head north from the 20A, it's 45 kms of downhill from the bridge all the way to Ruisui). On the Zhuofu Industry Rd the views over the Rift Valley to the coast range are gorgeous, unrolling one stunning vista after another. This road is definitely on my top ten list, and it should be on yours.

Directions: Should you take this route, take the 30 south out of Yuli until you reach the Yuzhang bridge where the Zhuofu Industry Rd begins. Haha, it isn't clearly marked. Fortunately, there is a map of biking routes in the area on a sign at the foot of the bridge. You'll know you are at the right bridge because 30 continues past the bridge by going under it. This pic shows the north side of the bridge, the map sign is to the right out of the picture. Additional note: heading south, there is one problematic point. The road with double yellow lines apparently makes a ninety degree turn to the left while a smaller road with no markings heads due south. You should be able to see a large squarish building with a green sign for a clinic from the intersection. The right road is the smaller road past the clinic.
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