Friday, December 31, 2010

KMT, DPP compete to see which one can be sillier on shooting incidents

New Year giddiness has apparently come early to the legislature where the DPP is pushing for a Truth Panel on the Sean Lien shooting incident....
DPP lawmakers are expected to propose the establishment of the investigative committee at the legislature’s procedural committee meeting this morning, although it is unlikely to receive support from the majority of KMT lawmakers.

If passed, however, the proposal would create a bipartisan legislative committee. DPP lawmakers said they want the committee to be named the “Nov. 26 Shooting Truth Investigation Special Committee.”
Not to be outdone, a KMT legislator immediately shot back (so to speak) with even greater looniness:

At a press conference yesterday, KMT lawmakers denied any similarity between the two shootings, suggesting that the former president’s incident was staged, while Lien’s shooting included evidence of “real” bullets.

“The Nov. 26 and March 19 [incidents] are monumentally different,” KMT Legislator Kuo Su-chun (郭素春) said. “One of them had real bullets, while the other one used fake ones. One victim was seriously hurt and was fighting for his life ... the other one was [grazed].”

There is not the slightest hint of conspiracy about the Sean Lien shooting incident. Consider: here is an incident in which a gangbanger accidentally shot Lien Chan's son on stage while attempting to off another apparent gang-connected politician and was prevented from completing the killing by a made guy in the Bamboo Union gang (an organization with old KMT connections) on stage with the KMT candidate. A perfect opportunity to relentlessly attack the KMT as a gang-ridden, corrupt, violent party. And what does the DPP do? Natter on about conspiracy theories! Be serious!

Heck, even if this was planned at the highest levels, forget the conspiracy hunt! It'd be far more useful to relentlessly go after the KMT with this gangster fodder they've handed the DPP. Or at least have some class and STFU.

Let's not even go into what those idiot herd-voters in Taipei have now proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, backed up by officials from the KMT and the DPP: that bullets can affect elections. What signal have we sent to gangsters with all this non-pursuit of gangster connections and politics? Great work, folks.

Finally, if the DPP wants to put its energy into a Truth Commission, by all means let us emulate South Africa and not the Warren Commission. Thousands of dead from the martial law era cry out for justice. Focus your energies there, DPP.
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Okami said...

The difference is that commissions don't get you killed, your family kidnapped or your house burnt down with you and your family inside. Going after gangsters does.

Michael Turton said...

Of course, Okami.

Tommy said...

How can fake bullets graze someone?

Dixteel said...

I agree DPP should not and do not have to focus on this issue. However, I don't mind some of them take the time to put pressure on this case, even if DPP will not gain anything from it. Because first of all, there are indeed questions about the case that is still unanswered and unclear. Secondly, it might disclose further evidence of the connection between KMT members and gangsters. Thirdly, I think that the DPP officials partly do this to reflect some of their supporters' opinion, and indeed there are some pan green supporters that have strong doubt about this case. So all things considered, I think their action is within reason. But they should be tactical and careful about how they do it.