Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily Links, Dec 27, 2010

On the descent from 130 in Miaoli down to the valley just below Sanyi. A lovely ride, perhaps I will hit it again tomorrow.

My son wrote this on FB today: "Just got called by gangsters based in China, trying to scam me into giving them cash. I answered in English, "Hello?" and the tape recording stopped abruptly and I could hear a lady in the background distinctly say "American" in Chinese and hang up. Best way to get rid of those phone scammers is answer in English lulz."

Meanwhile, what's the inside story on the blogs today?

Not Taiwan: Best Nigerian Scam ever

: A friend of a friend wants some one on one English tutoring in Taipei. Contact Michael J Klein at Sorry, that is all the information I have.
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Anonymous said...

I have to point out that "Grass Mountain" is now known as Yangming Shan.