Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily Links, Dec 20, 2010

Today has been a depressing and frustrating day, but I snapped this lovely pic the other day on my way out to Miaoli. So enjoy.


  • China to deploy permanent patrol vessels in the Senkakus "The official with the Ministry of Agriculture's Bureau of Fisheries took the unusual step of granting an interview concerning the Senkaku issue to a foreign media outlet on Saturday, saying that China was planning measures to challenge Japan's control of the islands off Okinawa Prefecture." I'm feeling like the Emperor in B5's The Coming of Shadows, asking the Vorlon: "How will this end?" Anyone remember the Vorlon's answer?
  • Japan re-orients defense posture on China, but only modest changes in capabilities, says the CFR.
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Raj said...

Regarding F-35s for Japan, there's no opposition to that from Washington. In fact they're trying to ram them down Tokyo's throat.

The main reason Japan hasn't placed a large order for them yet is that the Typhoon is actually regarded as the ideal solution for replacing the F-4J. But because it's not American there's concern an order for it will affect relations with America. So there's much arguing over whether politics should trump defence needs.

Japan will order F-35s at some point, it's just a matter of how many and what aircraft they're slated to replace.

Anonymous said...

if the kokuang petro cplex push through then all of us bikers will be smelling black irritating,acid smelling toxic fumes starting from changhua, yuanlin, rende to kaoshiung. taiwan will be seen as a smoke bellowing volcano from the space station. esp. at night since these facilities coyly release their toxic fumes when it is dark!

why is changhua kmt mayor following footsteps of dpp in yuanlin, tainan and kaoshiung?

mad biker