Monday, November 16, 2009

Total AP Fail today. =FIXED=

UPDATE: This problem has now been fixed. The story was run out of the national office. So I am taking the story off but leaving the post up to preserve the comment conversations.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't believe the AP actually publish a subtitle like this "Obama says no need to change policy toward Chinese rule of Taiwan".

Chinese rule of Taiwan?

I wonder if the Chinese officials are bribing the AP editor?!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure "view Taiwan as part of China" is what Obama said.

Thoth Harris said...

What the Taiwan needs is another William Walker (1824-1860)!

Michael Turton said...

I'm pretty sure "view Taiwan as part of China" is what Obama said.

6:44 PM

I find that hard to believe. Surely he wasn't that poorly coached.

Craig Ferguson (@cfimages) said...

Anon 6.44 is right.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. Well, I have been clear in the past that my administration fully supports a one-China policy, as reflected in the three joint communiqu├ęs that date back several decades, in terms of our relations with Taiwan as well as our relations with the People's Republic of China. We don't want to change that policy and that approach.

I am very pleased with the reduction of tensions and the improvement in cross-straits relations, and it is my deep desire and hope that we will continue to see great improvement between Taiwan and the rest of -- and the People's Republic in resolving many of these issues.

One of the things that I think that the United States, in terms of its foreign policy and its policy with respect to China, is always seeking is ways that through dialogue and negotiations, problems can be solved. We always think that's the better course. And I think that economic ties and commercial ties that are taking place in this region are helping to lower a lot of the tensions that date back before you were born or even before I was born.

Full Transcript of Obama in Shanghai

Ben Goren said...

I second Mike's skepticism. Seems like AP has been at the opium bowl again. Seriously though, what exactly is AP's relationship to China and why are they so consistently wrong on Taiwan/China?

Thomas said...

I'll raise you one:

This is what you get when Western management teachers at Chinese universities write about politics from travel, business and professional expereince. China gets neatly grouped along current provincial lines into nine "nations", one of which is all of Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Xinjiang, another of which is both Fujian and Taiwan, which was naturally returned to China after the war. I would laugh if I didn't know that so many people read the Atlantic.

Sigh... the Atlantic usually has more thoughtful commentary :-S

Tim Maddog said...

Here's the transcript of what Obama said.

I can't find the quote claimed by 6:44 PM anonymous. (AP employee?)

There are two instances of "view" and five instance of "Taiwan," but "part of China" doesn't appear anywhere within.

Got assuredness?

Tim Maddog

Thomas said...

Oh, and AFP reported it this way:

US President Barack Obama on Monday hailed improvements in relations between China and Taiwan, saying there was no need to change Washington's "one-China" policy.

"My administration fully supports a one-China policy,"
Obama said during a town hall-style meeting with Chinese university students in Shanghai.

"We don't want to change that policy or that approach. I am very pleased with the reduction of tensions and improvement in cross-strait relations."

So Obama didn't say that Taiwan was a part of China, but you could argue that, in context, it sure sounds a lot like he is implying that Taiwan is a part of China.

Michael Turton said...

LOL...looks like he caught himself just in time. Thanks for spotting that, Craig.

Thoth Harris said...

Chance: "My administration fully supports a one-China policy,"

Interviewer: "Which one?"

Chance: [Stares blankly at the camera and smiles] I don't know what you mean...In the garden, there are four seasons, first there is winter...

Matthew said...

It was most likely an outright lie by Obama to please his audience. Can't really believe the US has a "one-China" policy when it views trade with each differently (especially in the sale of military products).

I think what Obama meant to say was, "Yes, the US has a one-China policy. That policy is that there should be only one China in the world. That island over there is called Taiwan."

David said...

Good to see that AP are prepared to make corrections. I hope Reuters can do the same on the article linked to below.

China hails U.S. reiteration of sovereignty over Taiwan - Reuters